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  1. Ahh right, limitation of the current generation method. Glad your working on it but no worries now i know . Also you can do that, (custom biome image), and it won't screw up by putting the wrong type of POI's or whatever in the wrong biomes?
  2. Um any answer on the splatting and how to control the severity, to try and explain what i mean here's the biomes image from a RWG i did in game and then there's one i did using nitrogen: Don't gt me wrong having biomes split up is cool, but the paintball gun induced splatting effect to do it isn't. I'd rather go with biomes split up into just 3 or 4 pieces at the most.
  3. The OP has this image: http://crongame.com/nitrogen/shots/previewMapx.jpg. But generated maps i've created don't appear to have anything corresponding to that. How do i get that to show? Also can i add a request. Currently the biomes adds extra biome amounts as random splats. Could we possibly get another option where we can tell it to generate biomes as Default, spread, (So more than one zone of each type), very spread, (As spread but more than a few of each type), super spread (really splatty, possibly more options beyond in between all these), and then have the current biome function jus
  4. The devs have gone out of their way repeatedly to try and stop the zombies from attacking in a way that makes a setup like this work. They clearly consider abusing pathing an exploit so i don't consider it a valid argument for why the hunting rifle is amazing, (besides in that scenario you can build all kinds of scenarios for various weapons and what have you's that will perform amazingly).
  5. Ok having watched it, definitely sarcastic given the zombie speed. That little run away while firing backwards taking your sweet time just won't work on run at night, especially if you get a feral. Now daytime more reasonable though anything more than 1 feral is still going to totally screw with your plan. But here's the problem. The video seems to be focused on "you can clear a PoI with a hunting Rifle". I never said you couldn't. I said it would be an inferiour choice. And it would. A Bow in that scenario would have been as fast and less expendables intensive at the minimum, (since it'
  6. I'm going to watch the rest in a second, but regarding reloading whilst looking down the sight thats not behaviour i experienced, but then i never put a scope on a hunting rifle before, (in my experiance the reflex sight is the best ever but i think i mostly used iron sights, we'd got marksmen by the time i found a sight mod). Also as noted it was a few patches ago so they may have changed the behavior. What happened for em was it would force me out of the sight picture and into the reload animation that played after the second shot when you zoomed out. That makes lining up followup shots a lo
  7. If you don;t have time to draw a bowstring back you shouldn't be using a bow or a hunting rifle. Combat in this game comes broadly in 4 forms: 1. Sneaking through buildings sneak killing lone zombies with the occasional one waking up on you. 2. Sneaking through a building and ethier having it go wrong or just not bother with the sneak part so a whole room full of zombies rush you at once. 3. Horde Nights 4. Running into random zombies at a distance out in the wild. Exactly one of those is conductive to using a hunting rifle. The last one. In any other scenario the RoF or no
  8. Thats called a bow. It makes the hunting rifle look like a resource hungry hog by comparison in that scenario. Firearms are for oh crap scenarios when you've got a lot of zombies coming at you. Outside of horde night that's mostly an indoors thing, and horde night has a nigh endless supply. And thats the issue, the kill rate of the hunting rifle is wholly inadequate for that. The AK can kill rapidly and at similar ranges, (fire in 1-3 und tap fire bursts), and can repeat the dose far faster than the hunting rifle. Now the Marksmen, thats a wholly different beast, an actual magazine me
  9. [*]Known issues not all players know how to use a long range high damage fast firing weapon. If a zombies so far away i can't reliably put rounds into it with an AK all day long it just doesn't matter because i'll be lucky to see the thing at that range. And whilst the HR might deal more damage per shot my average Rof with the AK is so much higher that unless ammo is a massive issue it just doesn't matter. And f it is you've got a balance issue with the AK. The only time to pull out the marksmen IMO is if you've got a zombie cold and can take as long to take it out as you want. But in th
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