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  1. Ahh right, limitation of the current generation method. Glad your working on it but no worries now i know . Also you can do that, (custom biome image), and it won't screw up by putting the wrong type of POI's or whatever in the wrong biomes?
  2. Um any answer on the splatting and how to control the severity, to try and explain what i mean here's the biomes image from a RWG i did in game and then there's one i did using nitrogen: Don't gt me wrong having biomes split up is cool, but the paintball gun induced splatting effect to do it isn't. I'd rather go with biomes split up into just 3 or 4 pieces at the most.
  3. The OP has this image: http://crongame.com/nitrogen/shots/previewMapx.jpg. But generated maps i've created don't appear to have anything corresponding to that. How do i get that to show? Also can i add a request. Currently the biomes adds extra biome amounts as random splats. Could we possibly get another option where we can tell it to generate biomes as Default, spread, (So more than one zone of each type), very spread, (As spread but more than a few of each type), super spread (really splatty, possibly more options beyond in between all these), and then have the current biome function just modify the percentage of a given type? EDIT: nevermind now i've gone to a larger size map gen i'm seeing splatting regardless fo that setting. So uh, what setting controls that?
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