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  1. I'm sorry. I forgot. Here is the log https://justpaste.it/edit/42152826/qgs0wzxdpu8cvm5o
  2. Yesterday he played was all good, and today is such an error
  3. You may suggest what to do, yesterday played've been good, and the error and missing labels today. (translator)
  4. Can any of those who are engaged in mods make a mod for the current version that returns the pumping of the character's perks as it was in 16.4. If possible. If the topic is not there, sorry google translate )
  5. There was the same problem. This method helped. F1, write dm (debugmenu), enter. Then you need to teleport to the center of the map at coordinates 0.0. The quest will immediately update and the coordinates of the merchant will appear. Then teleport to the place of your respawn and turn off the "dm"
  6. And yes, I found one of the reasons, I don't know what exactly interfered with the game, but before this issue appeared, I updated Windows 10 from version 1909 to version 20H2. After I returned to 1909, the problem disappeared and the game works as it should. YES, I know the computer is older than the dinosaurs, but there is no way to upgrade.Thank you for trying to help and answers
  7. Thank you for the answers, I'll try. I just want to note that on such a system, I played 19.2 without any problems. Yes, at the minimum setting, the fps was not stable from 20 to 40 on the street and up to 60 in houses.
  8. Thanks for the answer. Thought I could be saved. We'll have to go back to 19.2. Everything was fine there, even at medium settings with such components. Good luck developing your game and don't leave it.👍
  9. output_log__2020-12-24__05-54-32.txt Sorry, I can't properly insert the log file. Just like this, maybe too big
  10. Google Translate The first time I see this After the last update to stable version 19.3 b 6, I got this problem. The picture in the sky is not static, but shows everything that I do, it completely duplicates the game window. Even when approaching skyscrapers, there is a problem with textures in the form of oil ore, covering half of the screen. Unfortunately, there is no screenshot, because the game freezes immediately. I used nitrogen to create the maps, can this be the reason. Hope for help
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