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  1. Yeah Boy, i like you! glad it will work at least with war3zuk, now if i get the file, i'll still have to modifie ALOT, am useing alot other mods, custom UI and what ever... soo basically, you got it done with war3zuk, i have to work alot in the next few days ... lol but thanks! can't say it enouth...
  2. i really like the mod, but i wont play vanilla. i play the game with so many mods, and all of them are working with each other. i am modder on nexus, but its just to much work to get this mod, with for example war3zuk to working... what a shame! such a good mod.
  3. Okay i was just testing it, with godmode, just to see how the mod works but he removes the buff then, okay why i didn't thought about it, lol thanks! what are your future plans for this mod? the idea is pretty cool! love to see more content!
  4. i dont know, but somehow, if i make the quest, i wont get any ressources? only if i spawn it via debug mode in. does the mod working?
  5. sounds good,,,, but we need to link, lol
  6. yeah just download the new poi enabler dll file. drop it into the backup folder from DMT. (replace the sharpdll) and then use DMT. with your normal mods (like sphereii core or what ever)... and then it workes, at least for me.
  7. am useing other mods which are used dmt, but how can i use both? EDIT : I found it out myself. just replace it in the "backup" folder and the sharp.dll and then just use DMT and done. And thanks love the idea!
  8. its allready on 100% so and higher is not possible. any other way? and an second question if you loot for example an car. then the "serach bar" which says,,, "press something to loot" is pretty wide,,, can i reduce the bar a bit formyself?
  9. So i saw the Hud overhaul is not really big "scale friendly"? which means? i wanna increase it a bit. maybe 20%? not sure. but how can i do it? or is it more complicated?
  10. 18.2 stable has released. did u have planned to go for the update to 18.2? and may i can ask when?
  11. Hey Small question is it Possible How "deactivate" Your's HUD ? . i just want too use a clean hud.
  12. Damnit u have allready a new version... dude u are so fast! problem solved!! but thank's! now just the thing with the prefab's sometime's if i loading in the game say to me in the console "prefab not mapping" or other probem's how i can fix that? but well if u mean "combo pack" has all prefab's then i will see... the thing is i downloaded so much prefab's from Big mod overhauls. now i want to use it. but i can only use then ingame if a generate a map. so and now i will try to add this prefab's to the "prefablist". just adding? and then Nitrogen know what to do?
  13. Thank's Mate! Very much! ؤhm where i can FInd the option to use "special zone's"? Sry for asking so much
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