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  1. Gah, almost 24 hours in and I'm not even done with the foundation on the temple. Here's a sample of what's coming. I've still got to build the main temple, and then build out the hidden passages underneath. The hardest thing is that I'm copying this out of a Minecraft build, and Minecraft doesn't use any kind of SI. So I'm having to re-work some of this drastically to keep it from collapsing. It's basically like a mini village and could be fortified to be almost self-sustaining.
  2. Awesome update Magoli. I've installed it and I'm re-mapping everything now after wiping the region files. Also, thank you for removing the barelsmoketest items. the fog was really a huge issue with those. I've been trying to create a smoke item like you would see on a chimney or small fire, but no luck yet.
  3. That's one of my favorites! It's especially scary when you have zen spawn count at 300 with a 150% spawn rate and you're the only one online. (Almost didn't make it out of there alive)
  4. Not bad, but this seems more accurate. C = Community O = Owned M = Mega P = POI O = Overhaul I am really curious to see what the real answer is.
  5. It confused me because I thought of emergency food rations when I first read it, then figured it was probably a typo.
  6. If it's a linux server, you should have "Engine" which is where pretty much everything for the game is. Config folder, 7DaysToDieServer_Data folder, ect. Inside Engine, you would make a folder called "Mods" and all of the files from inside the server_fixes.tar.gz go inside it. (Make certain you don't get a double mods folder. "Engine/mods/Mods") If you have that done, then the server fixes should run just fine. If you're on a Windows system, then it would just be in "7 Days to Die Server\Mods". I'm assuming you're running a Linux dedi since it's hosted though.
  7. Updating it is super easy. I don't even use the script anymore. Just download the file and extract it into the /engine/Mods folder. Start server, and it's good to go.
  8. Yeah, I'm not having any severe drops like that in the cities on mine, nor the issue with nothing rendering.
  9. You don't need to use it at all. You just drop the files into your data directory and over-write the existing.
  10. Is anyone online when you run that, because they shouldn't be. Also, you should only run it if you had an existing map when you added the mods, or if you need to refresh it after removing a lot of region files.
  11. I managed to get it to "refresh" the tiles, but it won't actually reload them. basically it makes the map blink every 60 seconds. I added the code to map.js at line 128
  12. Your webpermissions.xml should look something like this... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><webpermissions> <admintokens> <!-- <token name="adminuser1" token="supersecrettoken" permission_level="0" /> --> </admintokens> <permissions> <!-- <permission module="webapi.executeconsolecommand" permission_level="0" /> --> <permission module="webapi.getplayersonline" permission_level="2000" /> <permission module="webapi.getstats" permission_level="1000" /> <permission module="web.map" permission_level="2000" /> <permission module="webapi.getlandclaims" permission_level="2000" /> </permissions> </webpermissions> It's not serveradmin, it's a completely different file.
  13. Actually, it would be better to use something in the js like we had before where it just reloads the blocks. It's on my "to-tinker-with" list.
  14. Did you start a new map? It cannot add things to the areas that were already mapped. You don't need to start a whole new game, but you will need to at least delete the region files for the areas you want to be re-mapped with the new buildings.
  15. Straight answer..... Here's what I get from my console. >webpermission list Defined web function permissions: Level: Web function 2000: web.map 0: webapi.getlandclaims 0: webapi.getplayersonline 0: webapi.getplayerslocation 0: webapi.getplayersinventory 1000: webapi.getstats Alloc, the wiki page could really use a lot more detail.
  16. hehee they weren't my pics. @Apocalypticus posted those, and i was explaining how they are a result of the world spawn mixer, not the prefab pack.
  17. The top one is definitely odd. The "strange road" is just something that occurs in the RWG mixer since a12. It had a chance to happen in a11, but was much more rare because of how the biomes were set up. The two buildings is interesting. I had a building out in the middle of nowhere just cut in half, but I think it might have been my fault from playing with the files. Check underground to see if the POI is there. If not, it might just be an empty lot. I've seen a few of them. RWG may have randomly selected a larger POI to put there and then tossed it because it wouldn't fit also.
  18. Works just fine on 12.3. I answered this a few pages ago.
  19. That would basically be this prefab collection here. Magoli does a LOT of work to review all of the buildings and to correct errors in them. (The stair issue is a bug in the way the mixer hand'es the rotation and is very hard to work around atm.) I find that there is a lot less rare loot with this particular mod and it balances the game quite well while still giving us quite a bit more interesting POI's to explore. Vanilla puts a gun save in at least 3/2rds of the houses in a small town. You can pretty much set up camp in a town and then be set rather quickly.
  20. I have not noticed any reduction in them spawning at all, and I've reset the map a few times since 12.1 with this mod.
  21. Yeah, they show as "Yellow flower" or somesuch. I found a bunch of those last night. Looks like goldenrod before you harvest it, but it's like just a display flower.
  22. Hey, no problem. Glad you figured it out. =)
  23. Could you post the server log? The image you posted previously is barely legible, and the log will tell us if there's anything going wrong, along with your settings.
  24. If you're using 8080 for console, and 8081 for telnet, your map is on 8082. It's always going to be console +2.
  25. From what I've tested so far, it seems to be working fine on A12.2. It's still early yet though.
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