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    I've been gaming and coding on PC's since the TRS-80. I like modeling, minor constructions, working on cars, and racing.

    I like to think outside the box and take different approaches to tasks to find new resolutions, or just to make life interesting.
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    SE Michigan, out in the sticks.
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    Gaming, Hardware and Software development, Fixin things, racing, modding/repairing cars, and more!

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  1. 1. This is an English-Speaking forum. Your posts are required to be in English. 2. Most likely a mod conflict. Next time use Pastebin. Instructions are Pinned.
  2. You can find his ID by looking him up in Steam, using a service like SteamID.io, or checking the log when they attempt to connect to your client. He can also look it up himself by simply checking his Steam account information. Example... Right there below my name is my Steam-64 ID number.
  3. Here is the actual error. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at GameManager.PlayerId (System.Int32 _playerId, System.Int32 _teamNumber, PlayerDataFile _playerDataFile, System.Int32 _chunkViewDim) [0x0005d] in <4b1a8c809f0943a384283687c21422f8>:0 at NetPackagePlayerId.ProcessPackage (World _world, INetConnectionCallbacks _netConnectionCallback) [0x00000] in <4b1a8c809f0943a384283687c21422f8>:0 at ConnectionManager.ProcessPackages (INetConnection _connection, NetPackageDirection _disallowedDirection, ClientInfo _clientInfo) [0x000c4] in <4b1a8c809f0943a384283687c21422f8>:0 at ConnectionManager.Update () [0x00109] in <4b1a8c809f0943a384283687c21422f8>:0 (Filename: <4b1a8c809f0943a384283687c21422f8> Line: 0) Looks like the player data file is corrupted. Find their files in the players folder (found by Steam-64 ID), back them up, and then delete them.
  4. The post had instructions to use Pastebin even. >.< I'm sorry, but is reading really that hard? You didn't open up access to the file either. Just follow the instructions. It's not rocket science. You simply need to be able to read and understand basic middle-school English. I suppose if reading is hard, you're one of those people that need a YouTube video to know how to do anything? That's fine. I've got you covered. Honestly, we could probably have had an answer for you 24 hours ago if you had just read and followed the instructions in the first place. There is a reason those topics are Pinned at the top of the forum. We really do want to help, but you need to be able to help yourself first.
  5. Put it in the bottom slot, and it should be fine.
  6. The screenshot is useless. Can you read the Pinned thread telling you how to report an issue, and follow the instructions? Actual details on the error are in your log. Usually this is caused by a mod or corrupt files. Can't really say until we see the log though.
  7. 1. Ensure that you have the latest GPU driver installed. This is the current one. Choose Advanced installation, and tick the box for "perform a clean installation". 2. Exclude the client from security software. (This is covered in the Pinned Support FAQ.) 3. Verify the client files. Run it twice as the first run usually doesn't catch everything. (Not sure why launcher developers can't make these programs work on the first try.) If that doesn't work out, give new logs and a Speccy report taken at the time of the issue.
  8. I can. Thank you. Ok, found your ID. It appeared as rissa#4005 in the Discord. Account was kicked and given an infraction because it was suspicious. It was suspicious because the account wasn't even a half hour old when you attempted to join the Discord. Then it got banned for too many infraction points. I have removed the ban. You might want to wait a short bit until your account is a little less fresh and suspicious though, or the bot will just nuke you again.
  9. The image needs to be accessible by the end users game client, so that probably won't work at all.
  10. I checked the Official Discord. I don't see the user rissa#8069 in either the ban list, the current member list, or in any history.
  11. You know, I've completely ignored this thread because it's just the same old ignorant rhetoric over and over. The complainers never change, and there are precious few of them. They just seem like a lot because they post over-and-over-and-over the same tired crap to no end. Decided to just peek at the last page for giggles to see where the topic had headed, and I would totally mark this as the topic answer. (In Steam that would highlight this post directly below the OP's at the top of the thread.)
  12. 1. Air drops only appear for one player on the server at a time. If yall aren't near each other, and the drop is for them, you won't have the data. 2. If that isn't the case, logs would be useful. Note time stamps for when you should have heard an airdrop. Bonus would be including both client and server logs. Don't forget to use Pastebin.
  13. Moved to a more appropriate forum section. Instructions are in the Pinned thread.
  14. The map Pregen 3 doesn't appear on the PS4 or XBox versions of the game. I'm not certain that the bunkers do either, but would have to look.
  15. Majority rule. There are more streamers in the USA than in any other country by a considerable margin. For 2021 it's estimated at 44 million total, and if it continues at it's current growth rate, it will exceed 48 million next year. This is over 20% of the total Twitch streamers, and the next largest country by percentage is Germany at 7.11% followed by Korea at 4.53%. This type of information is readily available, and is the kind of thing you might look up when researching your opinions.
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