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  1. Just reinstall the mod using DMT, and it will work fine since all it is really doing is re-enabling the key binding (the code for the menu still exists, since it is available in the editor). When another new game update comes out (19.4 for instance), just reinstall it again using DMT :) This was handled via DM, but for others: saving via this menu is not possible in a live game. Use the existing Export Prefab option in the ESC menu when DM is enabled. There are other posts which cover this topic better, such as this one
  2. It's still working fine for me in the latest stable (19.1 b8), and all others since it was released. The mod just re-enables the keybinding when dm is enabled, nothing else.
  3. I actually posted about the difference between your modlet and Jax's on Cap00's recent video (Jax's fork of yours uses the in-game icons).
  4. In the case of a dedicated server, it needs to be on the server + client(s) using it (you). The mod itself won't effect anyone else, since they won't have access to dm anyway. However, like other DMT mods which require client-side patching, EAC should be turned off (it may work with EAC enabled - untested, but why risk an EAC ban for modding the client). Another user added it to their server+client, and it worked fine (with EAC off), but when I mentioned the Block Replace Tool, it turns out that is all they needed (which is why I added the note about the tool in the first post - if the official tools work fine for your needs, it's simpler than modding - especially with a dedicated server).
  5. Np. I noticed several others asking about it, and I had already made it last night for myself. So added some extra comments today, and uploaded
  6. This DMT 2.0 mod re-enables the prefab menu (K) when debug mode (dm) is enabled, like it was in previous versions. Edit: Just in case people haven't noticed, there is a "Block Replace Tool" available in the creative menu when developer blocks are active. It contains some of the original prefab menu functionality, which may be enough for your purposes (and doesn't require a DMT mod / disabling EAC). If it doesn't contain everything you need, or you just prefer the old method of doing things, then go ahead and grab this mod BAR19-PrefabMenu.zip
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