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  1. 7 hours ago, Roland said:


    Oh....we get it just fine. And I can teach long division to anyone....


    As for your medical bandage analogy, you are the one who is proving your ignorance. What it would ACTUALLY be like is if when you used a medical bandage, instead of automatically healing 100% of the time without needing to do anything else, 10% of the time you'd have to go through a minigame of washing the wound and stitching it up carefully and applying some antibacterial ointment before applying the bandage in order to get the healing.

    Since I know you won't understand this truer analogy unless it is painstakingly explained to you step by step I will do that for you-- Hey! Exactly the same as what I would do if teaching long division to an Aborigonal....


    1) Putting on a bandage and having it automatically heal your wound with no other effort 90% of the time is like entering 90% of the sleeper volumes and being able to shoot unconscious enemies in the head-- practically an auto-kill.

    2) Putting on a bandage and having it not work automatically 10% of the time and instead having you perform some kind of skill-based first aid mini game is like entering an auto-aggro  sleeper volume where instead of shooting immobile targets and getting your easy guaranteed kill you have to play a sort of minigame of retreating, hiding, re-emerging and shooting conscious roaming enemies in the head.


    Finally, when you perceive that an entire community seems stupid beyond belief and it is only you and maybe one other person who is sane, it really is time to look in the mirror and do some soul searching



    Damn....I leave for 3 months without checking in and Roland is still swinging like a champ, people are still complaining about stealth (I was too, so don't think i'm immune to backlash lol) I've played a few hrs recently and noticed stealth still has issues, auto trigger rooms suck but are manageable with a thief mentality ("when in doubt know your way out", blind corners and a couple floor explosives if need be) but normal POIs are easy as heck with full cloth/stealth boots/machete/bow...playing only on nightmare/always run and doing POIs at night with either a helmet light or NVGs if im lucky is my favorite way to play...they aren't any harder at night than day so the low visibility is actually helpful

  2. A name for a sledgehammer book line? one that focuses mostly on destroying things?


    May I present: Home Wrecker


    Home Wrecker Vol 1: When tearing down walls, being the biggest guy on the crew has it's merits: Sledgehammers require 10% less stamina to swing

    Home Wrecker Vol 2: Sometimes you just want the next project done a bit faster: Sledgehammers are swung 10% faster

    Home Wrecker Vol 3: Plywood basics: Wood is a common enough material in home building, easy to build, easy to destroy: Sledgehammers deal 15% more to wooden blocks

    Home Wrecker Vol 4: Stone-masonry: Some of the nicest home employ beautiful stone work in the design, knowing how to destroy it efficiently is important: Sledgehammers deal 10% more damage to Stone/Cobblestone blocks

    Home Wrecker Vol 5: Scrap wire: All homes have pesky wiring that slows down the remodel, not anymore with this new Technique!: Sledgehammers Deal 10% more damage to Metallic Blocks

    Home Wrecker Vol 6: Get to the point: At the end of the day, a great tool can be improved upon with simple additions: Craft the Heavy-Duty Head mod for Sledgehammers, which gives 10% more damage to all blocks, but reduces damage to Enemies by 15% (Balances out being a tool vs a weapon...can't be both without ruining the meta)

    Home Wrecker Vol 7: (completion reward) Fixer Upper: After destroying a block with the sledgehammer, the next block struck is dealt an extra 50% damage


    just my ideas

  3. In my current playthough, I am reduced to only stone aged things as made tools (even if I find the schematic, I can't make above a stone ax/shovel/bone knife etc) {Best gun I can use is the blunderbuss, I sell all the others}


    I can use found tools but cannot repair them, so once they hit 0 durability, that's it.


    Tools are worth quite a bit more to me, I have an entire chest devoted to iron pickaxes alone since I have this restriction.

  4.  generator...but what level batteries (or how many engines) are you using? is a it a battery bank? gas generator? is the Watts out equal or more than the watts needed? these may seem like nonsense questions as you can just respond with "it should have worked ok" but you gave us only that some worked and some didn't not anything else...


    My opinion, you may have been a few watts too low to run more than 2, so 1 always ran, and the other 2 switched off working so rapidly they never fired.

  5. I Think sabotage should stay, especially in pvp, which isn't a main game mode persay...


    there would be very little worth to even infiltrating a base at that point if someone couldn't change how the electricity ran...part of the fun of base type pvp games is rigging the enemies base to no longer be a safe zone (placing a mine, pit traps around corners etc)


    if you negate this, the most viable option is really just rocket spamming your opponents builds until they crumble...why fight a person, when the horde will kill em for you since they aren't safe.

  6. A couple things, as said above by many so far, it wouldn't help much and I disagree, as someone who's done archery competitions during renaissance fairs, and owns a couple bows ( Longbow, Chinese Horsebow and an 80lb compound) I usually can see my arrow for most of it's flight path* (with the compound being an exception, but its so powerful, it's trajectory is almost flat for most target shooting)


    *The purpose of an entity arrow in a game would be that, I can adjust my aim easier, since I could follow the path the arrow took


    EX.  ___----ZH---____=-----> in this example the zombies head intercepts the path, scoring a hit

    EX2 ___---'''ZH''''---___=----> this example shows the arrow missing by a hairs breadth as the path is right over the z (although hard to do with text symbols only)


    in game as it stands, unless I score a hit, or I happen to notice where the little "puff" of arrow impact, I can't make a semi-accurate guess as to where my next arrow should end up (I use the bow pretty extensively, and while I've gotten good at estimation, a flight path would have helped tremendously as time went on)

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  7. I started a new a19 (b169) file and I interested in a "Primitive build"


    So far the only rules are:

    1 Weapons must be basic (No steel club or steel/iron sledge, baseball bat can due to it literally being a long piece of wood {even though we now use iron for it})

    2 Bows can be primitive or wooden, but no compound (im on the fence about the iron crossbow) (I can't use arrows/bolts higher than iron, so no explosive/steel heads)

    3 I cannot use recipes that have foods from cans (so no advanced foods, meat and potato is ok, same with basic stews {veggie and meat})

    4 I cannot use first aid kits, bandages and medical bandages are alright

    5 Tools are one and done deals, except the stone age ones (So if I find a magical t6 steel pickaxe, I better save that for major stone/iron digging only)

    6 I can use concrete, but not steel blocks (ancient concrete exists and is still around today in places)

    7 armors: I can use cloth, scrap and leather, but none of the others (no military or iron/steel)

    8 The Blunderbuss is the only gun I can use


    I am looking for any other..ideas? restrictions? that would make this a more awesome idea....so I put it out there, what would you add, or take away to make this either more challenging, or easier?

  8. just introduce a new zombie, a sapper type zombie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapping


    This zombie would do major damage to blocks (50% more than strongest basic unit), but would be weak in player damage, they would path like normal, so no extra behaviors, maybe they stay in destruction mode longer if it activates, giving them extra time to do the best they can


    make them spawn as often as normal units, so we see them everywhere, not just a a horde night spawn or a high level spawn


    making this kinda unit, you could reduce block damage among normal zombies by 25%, but by mixing in the sapper, the same damage to blocks would happen, and add another "priority" target to focus on


    make him/her based on the construction worker, but instead of a yellow hat, it would be a foremans' hat (white/red) and they could carry either a pickaxe or hammer or even a sledgehammer (think demolition before construction etc) {this would essentially create a zombie pairing, and maybe even have him/her spawn "naturally" in the construction site POI at the loot location as a location specific spawn}

  9. tree stumps, normal tree cutting with one of the wasteland treasures books (its actually pretty common once you have the book, maybe 1 out of 3 trees last I did a mass cutting)


    bees were replaced with vultures as Nugetti said, and personally, I think they fit better...bees irl are actually pretty frail, and I think whatever apocalypse happened would wipe em out almost completely ....now vultures (and by extension other mutated bird species) are prevalent, more numerous and sturdier than insects

  10. people enjoyed it because they could make 1 billion stone axes then make a perfect steel one from the "knowledge" they gained. or walk back and forth into spike traps to build armor skills/ health skills from healing.


    LBD has been done, and talked about so many times, I'm sure if they ever thought about bringing it back, it would be already.


    to be fair, I don't hate the idea of LBD, but seeing a new topic of LBD when one is posted almost weekly gets old

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  11. gamestage has a new formula so maybe its as high as your party allows for now, and blood moons for the last 2 alphas last from 22-4, but there is an entity limit to the horde, so if you kill em all fast, it'll end early unless you all log and reset it before 4am next day

  12. On 7/14/2020 at 3:34 PM, theFlu said:

    The loot part irks me a little; it's a weird change of pace. Assuming TFP follow through with their plan of bringing the trader wares and quest rewards down to the level of the current loot, it pretty much means you're better off just spending the first week digging for clay/stone/ores and building a base purely for the XP. If the animal spawns aren't reduced back down, it'll be easy with a little hunting trip every other day max. There is no point going to loot level 2 stone tools while you can craft them yourself.. maybe blitz through a couple kitchens for some recipes / possible wrench, little point in looting anything else until the GS picks up. Getting that up is faster via mining / maybe chain clearing POIs..


    On the other hand, I'm quite sure they'll change it over again during A19. It hasn't exactly been well received.

    thats actually a good way to describe it, and personally I like it this way.


    A random dude used to living with others, gets left somewhere unfamiliar and has to survive in a zombie(infected/mutated etc) laden world? they sure as hell aren't rushing straight towards large highrises where people got locked inside rooms during quarantine, nor are they headed to factories which were likely looted waaay before they (player) got there. but a single story house? yeah, that's doable. Dig up rocks and stack em to make a wall? yeah doable.


    having us focus on base building (as you said, to avoid early looting) gets us prepared for the first horde night, which can be done with a stone spear and a stone axe for repairs (cobblestone construction, to keep costs low) and if we get cornered, we (as players) probably have a blunderbuss and 20+ ammo by night 7


    it slows down min-max strats, I get that, and lots of people play that way because its the "tried and true" strat for becoming strong fast


    for RP'ers like me, the slow down makes a lot of sense, and I welcome the changes

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  13. 3 hours ago, firstedition said:

    So if I build underground, they're coming through the ceiling?

    on horde night, no where is safe, during normal days, a bunker dug under a wide based mountain will be fairly safe.


    is essence, if you're making a bunker to avoid fighting, it won't work out too well, if its just to live in, its possible.

  14. well the game was built around survival against zombies, not your fellow players, I would assume most abilities do NOT affect pvp (except the +damage ones from weapon skill trees) and the "hunter" mod which affects live targets.


    if your purpose is to player kill, then focus on weapon specialty and scavenging for supplies

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