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  1. They're probably saving it for some big announcements somewhere down the line. Here's hoping that time comes soon though!
  2. I'm really looking forward to finding out more news about the Fun Pimps' next title
  3. That would be awesome and add a lot of immersion to the game, yes!
  4. @madmoleWhat are the chances of ever getting some kind of emotes? Like a sit in chairs animation for example. As something of an RPer, wouldn't it be cool to be able to sit in a lookout spot while awaiting the horde? Kinda like on TWD, when they were seated on top of the camper.
  5. Haha yeah, and all the tools just float next to your sleeve xD Almost getting Invisible Man vibes!
  6. Are military gloves making hands invisible for anyone else since the latest build?
  7. I absolutely love that too. One of my favorites is the electric fences in combination with a more classic bunker/fort build. Watching zombies dance to the tune of several thousand volts is a beautiful sight. I've been using the new Sledgehammer turrets to knock them back behind the electric defenses once they get close enough. Even better with a flaming mod in the sledgehammer, to see them get roasted in more ways than one! The highlight was when a spider zombie tried to jump over the defenses, and got sent flying all the way back. HOME RUN!
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