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  1. Once you start specing into it it's basically a superior bow in my opinion. Between the reloading of the arrow and pulling of it, you shoot just as fast if not faster since you have to do less judgements about enemy movements when using guns. It can be used close range for an enemy that surprises you, shoot it and watch it fall and then stand over it and kill it after reloading or switch to another weapon, something that isn't done with bows. It's like a really powerful one-shot shotgun. Most people who aren't specialized still use bows a lot basically to save ammo and you have to do zero of t
  2. Is there any sort of comprehensive list anywhere so I can relate which POIs in game are the POIs in the RWG? Like pictures with RWG names? Some are obvious but most aren't. I know the wiki has the base game ones. I just installed this and really like some of the POIs but some feel like they were built many alphas ago - nice looking exteriors that seem a bit like fake movie sets when you look at it from the other side. I don't want to hate on any of them in particular because I know people put a lot of effort into these and I really do appreciate that but I would love to be able to continue to
  3. You clearly haven't considered the perk tree in your assessment. The hunting rifle is great DPS if you spec into it and reload times are nothing as well if you spec into Run and Gun. Get a bandoleir and it's not even a single second reload time. What are the changes you want? It's just not viable as a close range weapon at lower levels. The AK is much better but the only time you can use it at lower level is for SHTF moments otherwise you'll constantly run out of ammo. Do an AK build and you'll see how much it sits unused in your hotbar or inventory. Even at higher levels you have to be co
  4. I feel like I've been scammed and stolen from. i did not buy this game to help crowd fund development and get screwed in the end for it. You pass off all the blame to Telltale. Why then, if you never expected it to be able to run on consoles eventually, did sell the rights at all? Surely TFT did not sell the console rights in the expectation that the purchaser/leaser would sit on them for years until the next gen console came out. There was absolutely NOTHING on the box about this not being a full game. It's extremely dishonest at best. The tone of the update is also patronizing, as if con
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