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  1. IMO the Fergettin Elixir negates most of that worry. Spend points to get what you need if you can't find a schematic then reset your skill points and spend them elsewhere. For iexample I'll go into grease monkey and engineering to get my vehicles and craft all the electrical components I'll need then I just reset my skill points and get them all back to spend in better places.
  2. The issue is that they treat melee targeting the same way they do with ranged targeting. The reticle needs to be on the target or it does not count. I know they recently added the 'glancing blows' but they might as well not even exist for the damage they do. I'm fine with such a system when you're at max range with a melee weapon but the hitbox should be cone shaped so that the closer you are the better chance you have of hitting them. You can have your melee weapon literally swing through the body of a zombie six inches from your face and it does nothing if you don't have the reticle on them.
  3. IMO they should make a 'trailer' mod for the 4x4 and slightly increase it's speed. The trailer mod would greatly increase the space, maybe 50-75% more than what it holds right now, but it would also reduce speed to what the 4x4 currently is when you have the mod installed. This would add a additional end-game goal without really effecting the balance of the game at all. This way the 4x4 is a real upgrade because it offers much more functionality than the motorcycle and it also offers another eng-game goal which are severely lacking in quantity right now. Eventually this alpha stage will be done and there will be less of a reason to start new worlds and at that point we're really going to need more stuff to go as time progresses in-game. More mods I'd like to see for the vehicles would be gas tank mods and turbo mods. It'd also be fun to add some mods that put armor/weapons on vehicles, how fun would it be to use vehicles on horde night to just mow through groups of zombies? That sounds like a blast to me.
  4. They actually send random encounters to you twice a day now in A18 and I've seen packs of dogs sent on day 1 too, although I play on insane with nightmare speed so perhaps they're able to get on me quicker or I get worse encounters spawned earlier because of the difficulty. Not sure about ferals since they're the same speed anyway. Believe it or not, in my last insane world on day one I encountered one zombie bear outside a POI barn and killed it, then went inside and had three more zombie bears end up attacking the barn/me while I was inside. I can't imagine they were random bad luck.
  5. But go into a factory or skyscraper and wake up 30-40 of them and the lag becomes atrocious. I'm not sure why it's different but with zombies in the world the game chugs super hard but on horde night it doesn't. I'm guessing the reason is that there's AI processing the horde as a group and with the zombies during the day it's doing it singularly. Nothing else makes sense to me unless it's just some really awful programming during the regular days that needs to be cleaned up.
  6. Haha it's not quite that bad. It is like a 15 year old RPG though, reminds me of Oblivion which is not a compliment.
  7. It's about 2/3 the reach of a sledgehammer, you can test it pretty easily with a zombie in a doorway stuck behind a frame. Not sure with the club since I never use one, I imagine the spear has greater reach if you're having problems with wandering into the zombie's hitbox on you.
  8. It would be great to add tiered content. As it is, if you know the game, absolutely nothing outside of crafting is tiered and I don't really enjoy crafting
  9. I play on insane and cannot notice any difference and if there is, it's negligible.
  10. I think this would be a great change. I hate having to wait so long to face real danger even on insane/nightmare/perma-death. The game should be practically impossible at those difficulties but it's not.
  11. You've actually been able to do this since at least A15 (when I first started playing). It's less appealing to me now though because zombies do practically zero damage to your base if you have a design that keeps them going in a loop.
  12. How many people read steam reviews anyway? These days you just go to Youtube to see if you find a game interesting or not.
  13. I don't use meds anymore but is the animation still one where you wrap a bandage around your arm while it makes a defibrillator sound? Not sure how it works or where you blood comes in, from a realism perspective. Lol
  14. The huge Pass n Gas is awesome too. 2500 HP walls all around (albeit with some windows needing to be filled in). The upstairs is a really nice ready-made setting to set up camp in. I set up camp in the office around all the furniture that's already there and also leave the kitchen/lunch room as my food area. There's a few closet spaces for work benches. Only one staircase up to totally secure it. The POI is so big and you're up high enough you rarely get any problems with zombies at night even with work benches running. There's access to a really high roof if you like a horde base setup with a high over-look like I do. Huge garage for your vehicles, made even more awesome with powered doors. Concrete-fence area in the back perfect for a garden.
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