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  1. I do regularly updates. We rented a small server now. Well, fps are stable...
  2. Sorry for reposting so late. We were on vacancy and not on our PCs. How do I monitor the server? Could you help me and tell? Thank you
  3. Sooooo, without doing anything but restarting the game over and over - we both got our FPS back. I don't know why. May it stay so. Strange...
  4. Well, we have two mines near our base. But they are a few weeks old. So nothing new in terra forming.
  5. I play with my partner who hosts the game on the same PC on wich he plays. Yesterday, we both had massively FPS drops after playing a while. We tried again today, the low FPS didn't change. Usually, we got between 50 - 60 FPS, now it is 15- 25... There was no change in options or otherwise. Does anyone has an idea? My system: CPU i7 3770K GPU GeForce GTX 680 16 GB Ram Win10
  6. Happy Birthday Madmole. May we all celebrate with 18
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