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  1. Patiently waiting for the A-20 update for the Wasteland...I sure do miss that awesome loot
  2. I fell in love with the Wasteland mod and was hoping an update for a20 was in the making?
  3. Thank you...The thought of using Public rather than Private networking NEVER even occurred to me
  4. I was wondering if anyone has ran across any vehicle mods, preferably Motorcycle/Dirt Bike mods that are server side ONLY? Also searching for Animal mods that are server side only as well...
  5. OK, So I have now set up a server on a separate rig, everyone in the house can access it just fine, and friends at their homes can see it and even select and start the download, however they crash or get booted before the download completes...can someone suggest a reason for this...whenever they've tried, I've gotten yellow lines in the code and I haven't a clue what most of this means, any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated 😕
  6. It's running on the same machine I play on but it's running on the dedicated server app on Steam and then I log on by launching the 7dtd game and play from there....so you're saying I need to be running it on a separate rig then play through my PC? But can you run the same Steam account on 2 PC's at the same time? I've never tried 😕 And if not, I'd have to create another Steam account and buy 7DTD again? I'm new to this so I'm not totally clear on how it all works 😕
  7. So I created a dedicated server called "Back To The Wasteland" to try out The Wasteland mod, and some alternate vehicles as well, I can play on it and see it in the list and friends can join and play when I'm logged in, but unless I am actually logged into this server, no one else can see it even though I have it launched and up and running, can someone tell me what to do to make it totally joinable weather I'm logged into it myself or not?
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