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  1. 46 minutes ago, Adam the Waster said:

    hey! you said it. not me.

    Well actually I didn't say that, its part of what I said. I could go out of my way to miss quote everyone. Hell I could fill the quote with whatever I want and it would be half a day before the mods changed it but I'm not childish.

  2. 2 hours ago, Cork55 said:

    Your skill points would be awarded once you complete the trader quest. You could also make wood frames and all wood items require a nail as well. That places a much larger value on the forge. Alternative 7dtd starts are kind of fun to explore.


    Wasteland only maps are really easier than you might think. The key is to scavenge everything that is useful.

    It is the hardest biom though, full of landmines and doggos. Its pretty much the end of the road as far as we can make it difficult wise without really modding, without as I mentioned increasing blood moon or turning down exp. Its not really 7 days to die anymore after that, its 7 days of dieing unless you turn down the diff/speed. 25% loot doesn't really give enough to handle more hordes and I'm a pack rat, I take it all unless its useless like 1 lead or equivalent junk, in this case cans too. Only using Nitrogen because regular random gen doesn't cut it at the moment, you can't make maps like this otherwise I wouldn't mod at all. Once you turn off EAC for mods legitimacy comes into question, viewers even question the use of nitrogen on twitch.

    I took off the snow and desert pole strips he has so no oil shale for me, totally dependent on salvage.

    I encourage anyone else to jump on the challenge with us! Here's my map settings and I've listed my game settings, I don't want to see the map so I can't provide a picture.

    Out do me.😉



    If it isn't recorded or streamed though then its not really proof for the challenge.

    *Forgot to add permadeath to the rules.*

  3. 1 hour ago, Cork55 said:

    Here is another one for you to try. Your normal settings, wasteland only map, no starting inventory (The Duke took ALL your stuff), no traders and no skill points for completing the starter quest (just award 100 XP). It's a bit of a different start with no free skill points.

    Now that would be tough! I could do without the starting gear but without the skill points I can't make my bone knife quality 3 and upgrade to deeps cuts/knife guy I think it is. Its pretty essential for getting away, if I run into certain zeds I'm pretty much KOS without it, its already like that if I run into the biker. If it wasn't Insane nightmare everything I'd say its do-able, perhaps if it were sprint.

    If I beat wasteland only on Insane nightmare all the time 25% loot 64 zeds there won't be a whole lot I can do to top that without increasing blood moon frequency, which I'm not a fan of, so then I'll start trying to do it.

    This challenge is about topping or matching Jonahs challenge, his is wasteland only no trader 50% loot no loot respawn insane nightmare all the time 32 zeds 1h days. Mine will be, if my pc can handle it on horde night while streaming, wasteland only no trader 25% loot no loot respawn insane nightmare all the time 64 zeds 1h days no airdrops. And of course no nerd pol and no base that takes advantage of pathing. I don't believe I can do this one on the first try 😁.


    Pretty bored at the moment since a certain game totally botched its release. Another "we didn't know we'd be so popular" release in 2020 :nono:, history teaches nothing apparently.

  4. On 8/21/2020 at 8:03 AM, Grubbage said:

    Did you happen to update windows to the 2004 build? I tried it out and it screwed up my sound and had to revert back to the previous build.

    Actually it was the steel series engine. When it updated it took my headphones off 7.1 surround. It was like feeling around in the dark by comparison. I had to search everywhere around my base to find where the zeds were. All good now.

    More good news, totally forgot that that I'd upgraded my pc package to a 1080ti 11gb when I bought it. Partially explains why I'm keeping decent frames on 64 Zed horde nights while recording. Been seeing what I can do about streaming. Definitely can't stream with the CPU on my i7-8700K 3.7ghz and record with my GPU at the same time like some guy was saying on youtube, gave me the blue screen of death after 15 min. Works pretty good just streaming off the GPU even in weird @%$*#! 838p resolution doing 6000kbs max quality to twitch though and considering most play on 720p I got room to back it down. We'll see what happens on a 64 zed horde night.


    I'm going to do Jonahs new challenge. Wasteland only no traders with nitrogen, only on my settings ish, mite have to switch to 1h days to keep it comparable. He challenged anyone one to try it,:noidea: can't back down from a challenge. He plays on 32 zeds so I can always back it down if the gpu can't handle it also.

    Wish I had that other 16gbs of ram now, even if I could buy it I imagine its a hell of a time getting it right now.

  5. So did you guys do something to directional sound in the update before last and its still not fixed? I could hear where things were happening last update or before it had direction, now I can't, I can hear something is happening but where I can't tell. Not like before. I was thinking is was just me for a while but after my last horde night it feels like something is up.

    If this has been brought up sorry, I haven't been watching the forum.


    If not it will at least eliminate a possibility, could be a something got changed in a windows update. Something feels off though.

  6. Just now, Dethar said:

    The only thing I have heard is Dragon Force is allowing streamers to use their music. Not sure if you like them tho. Believe it was Firespark that mentioned it in one of his videos.

    Worst case I mute all but the salvageable gun sound effects and talk over. Could be so much easier though and better. I'm not sure why a game dev would not allow their game menu audio to be used on their game footage even if it is under NDA but I guess I have to roll with it.

    3 minutes ago, noob_Lurker said:


    That's not what was asked... And in this case, "previous" means recent enough to be compatible.


    Considering that b180 *is* the same version as this stable, there should be no _need_ for a wipe.

    I'm just not going to update for this very reason.

  7. 1 minute ago, MechanicalLens said:

    They very well might. What you're asking here is taking something that is trademarked and using it for your own purposes. The last time I checked, under most circumstances that is illegal. You're wasting your time with me though, it's best to check with them directly.

    oh I'm sure they wouldn't be happy about it. Would be used to play over edited content of a game that shall not be named to avoid being temp banned again. That's why I was asking if it was fair use.

  8. Just now, MechanicalLens said:

    Knowing YouTube, they copyright anything, including their own royalty-free music at times. Bots will be bots. If you plan on uploading a video to YouTube that includes the menu music, you should be fine, but be aware that the YouTube Gods might knock at your door at some point.


    Edit: I was referring to a couple tens of seconds of audio. The whole thing? I'm not sure.

    but what if it isn't for the game? Same deal?

  9. 1 hour ago, HungryZombie said:


    How many survival games have a destructible voxel world?


    How many survival games have a repeating event of a wave of enemies that target you and your base?


    I think you are trying to hammer this game to fit into a mold it was not designed for. 


    This is not a survival game but rather a game with survival elements.


    Stop, the debate is over. I'll just get banned starting up again.

  10. Just now, MechanicalLens said:

    It wasn't evidence to support your ideas, you're twisting my own words here. What I'm saying is what's been said a million times: remove nerdpoling, and people will just find other ways to get to the main loot of a POI. End of discussion.

    No it was evidence to support trying to get me band.

  11. 18 minutes ago, madmole said:

    You might want to elicit some of that self control you claim to be so good at then, but here on the forums instead of in game.

    You want me to back down when @Pegasustries to get me into another argument when people are asking questions to an argument that I'm the source of? Honestly I think they were trying to get me band since the topic has been brought up. @MechanicalLensdelivered evidence to support this in a post of his.

  12. 37 minutes ago, Kalen said:

    So the problem isn't necessarily nerd poling, its that you don't like people finding ways to avoid zombies?    Because people could just as easily do what you're saying using 2 columns of frames..... or even concrete blocks if you don't like the re-usability of frames.    So removing nerd poling wouldn't really accomplish what you''re complaining about here.


    Again, not really a nerd poling issue, as this can be accomplished without nerd poling.


    Ok, so this really clarifies your point.... it's not nerd poling thats the issue.... you don't like wooden frames.   Just because you can pick them up?    So you probably feel the same way about hay bales or rebar?     No offence, but this sounds an awful lot like "Everyone should play my way, because I do it 'right'"  Games don't really work like that.

    Most games don't have a hollow box that has unlimited uses that helps them beat the game. Zero survival games have this.

    'So the problem isn't necessarily nerd poling' - you described scenarios that would have costed you resources, at least it costed you something. In the current state it costs you nothing, nerd pole up, E pick up down. Even a ladder costs you resources. If you look later where I was talking with Toban there are ways that player made blocks can be cleaned up by the server every however many days. So it will cost you every time you want to go pull off your marble staircase to loot.

    'not really a nerd poling issue, as this can be accomplished without nerd poling.' - The base you could do it with a gyrocopter but at the risk of losing your gyrocopter, again there is a cost instead of none. Also some of that is just general issues with the powers of the frame.


    'Ok, so this really clarifies your point' - I don't like anything you can stack and E pick up making no cost to the player. Again most games and survival games don't allow this at all. But of course single me out cause you think it proves your point.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Toban said:

    But, my point was who is going to stand there and remove it? It never happens in games. And I play a lot of other games. Servers are cluttered with peoples remaining structures they cannot be bothered to remove. They are a serious issues to servers.

    And when do we get the drone? At the start of the game or? And if you have to spec into it, can you imagine the uproar TFP would get. "Why are you forcing us to spec int?" would be a thousand pages long. I don't even know how hard it would be to program. 

    The Drone you use to build in Empyrion is a pain in the...(insert naughty word here) it's so hard to control while building.

    I just think if you have an issue with people getting to loot in poi's. Removing nerd poling isn't the fix for that issue. But, this is just my opinion and not meant to cause any offence.

    I've played other survival games too, they usually have a decay on player made walls ect. outside of a land claim or equivalent. They are already talking about poi's resetting if nobody goes near them for X amount of time. I don't see why chunk clean up is outside the realm of possibility.


    Spec wise I just want to be a sneaky prick, build, and eat but its not that simple, I have to spec into every other tree to make it work. Science it at the end of nearly every playthough anyone does unless they are purposefully trying to avoid it to make a point or tired of the same old and purposely forcing a different kind of playthough because of the difficulty of the zeds in higher game stages. You'd just be putting in a point earlier then you normally would.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Laynie said:

    What about the people who haven't gone down the right lines to make a drone? Do you think they will wait fir a buddy to come build their base? Or in this shiny nerd pole free world do you imagine the dev team going full Oprah Whinfry and giving out drones on day one for all players? "You get a drone, you get a drone, The whole player base gets a drone!" 


    Come on @STyK_ be serious. What you are saying would be everyone would have to have a drone pattern or have gone fully into making a drone before the first horde night.... You are just not making good game sense.

    I have no idea how they are going to lore some of this stuff in but fallout had drone servants in every houses before the nukes. Joel is a pretty big fan of the older fallouts. Have common to find non-weaponized drones. I find power sledges and sell them cause that's not my style, finding a drone for those purposes I'd keep. I'm not trying to back you guys into a corner I'm telling you it can work.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Dethar said:

    I can tell you why I have 3500 hours since A15. Its exactly what MM says. M@#'s(the word that shall not be spoken of). I have about 10% of those hours in vanilla and most of that is experimental. The other 90% is M@#'s. 


    So I totally agree with MM when he says M@# it, and I have never demanded a change or setting.

    Once you turn off EAC all legitimacy is out the window. I already have issue with balance in vanilla, its not going to be any better in someones mod, in fact its likely to be worse.

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