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  1. Reading that first part, started laughing, took a second to realize you meant the game start 🤣
  2. Are crawlers supposed to do that? He got some air! Its set to when it happens.
  3. gear up for the task hand! it's fine though, I thought this was an idea you were pushing a couple alphas ago. Or maybe it was no backpack and having to depend on the tool belt itself and start the game having to do small specific tasks to start.
  4. Question!? How does a zombie swinging at my torso break my leg?
  5. usually its a simple logout login for most games. I myself just had issues logging back in so you can try but its a gamble
  6. he brought game stage into it. Sorry if I reacted with I don't play on warrior 150% loot like the majority. Anyone else having issues with steam now after the update?
  7. Yeah once you have a vehicle your storage is expanded why waste perks on pack mule.
  8. playing on the hardest setting without using it, didn't check my last game stage but day 47 on 2 hour days, thats day 94 for those that play one hour days. I don't do a perk wipe. Honestly on 25% loot I couldn't find the drink if I wanted to.
  9. then you gear yourself up for the task at hand you want people to use pack mule, lock part of the belt behind it. I never use it, never will. Not when you can just build a pocket mod or hold out for one of the good pocket schematics.
  10. I'd rather you limit the size of the tool belt if anything. Right now you can just over stack it with weapons and scroll though their magazines. Eight is overkill. Sorry had to make that quote cause I couldn't find the actual one.
  11. I thought we were not supposed to start in the burnt biom anymore. Game name: Survivor
  12. Wow, now I see what people are saying about the little lag spikes. How is it I didn't experience this at all on my game started in B169.
  13. What a coincidence. New video has the clip, mines worse, I had every chance not to get killed but I didn't think it was a dire wolf and I couldn't see the eyes till it was too late. Tried to test my new shotgun with choke on it too, did nothing, hate that damn dog! Thats twice that 'mystical creatures' pulled that on me. When am I going to get killed by zombies in the zombie game? 🤣 On my Bday the day before day 48 horde night. So Permadeath Insane Nightmare, 1250ish Kills 1 Death 94 hours alive. I didn't clip the scoreboard and it was too late by the time I thought about it. I'll remember in the next playthough, noob content creator what can I say. Give me stable so I can get back to work! 😄
  14. I'll get those in eventually, the guys on twitch have been talking about doing an RP pvp server eventually and I'll probably want to go check that out, it won't be permadeath or insane nightmare for that matter, I wish. If I keep playing at this level though that will be a walk in the park.
  15. Well the other part I guess is I don't really have to. The base is big enough and designed so that I can just kite them to each room but I got scared, moment of lost faith in my build. Also the other windows were not converted to have the ramp/bars/trap door setup so its harder to shoot them but I'm changing it today now that I completed the wall all the way around the base. Then Phase one is done. Time to add the electrical goodies.
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