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  1. well then perhaps he could just leave the post alone, and if you don't care so could you
  2. I take it that's a pass from you. Its alright, not everyone can hacket.
  3. Well actually I didn't say that, its part of what I said. I could go out of my way to miss quote everyone. Hell I could fill the quote with whatever I want and it would be half a day before the mods changed it but I'm not childish.
  4. It is the hardest biom though, full of landmines and doggos. Its pretty much the end of the road as far as we can make it difficult wise without really modding, without as I mentioned increasing blood moon or turning down exp. Its not really 7 days to die anymore after that, its 7 days of dieing unless you turn down the diff/speed. 25% loot doesn't really give enough to handle more hordes and I'm a pack rat, I take it all unless its useless like 1 lead or equivalent junk, in this case cans too. Only using Nitrogen because regular random gen doesn't cut it at the moment, you can't make maps lik
  5. Now that would be tough! I could do without the starting gear but without the skill points I can't make my bone knife quality 3 and upgrade to deeps cuts/knife guy I think it is. Its pretty essential for getting away, if I run into certain zeds I'm pretty much KOS without it, its already like that if I run into the biker. If it wasn't Insane nightmare everything I'd say its do-able, perhaps if it were sprint. If I beat wasteland only on Insane nightmare all the time 25% loot 64 zeds there won't be a whole lot I can do to top that without increasing blood moon frequency, which I'm not a fa
  6. Actually it was the steel series engine. When it updated it took my headphones off 7.1 surround. It was like feeling around in the dark by comparison. I had to search everywhere around my base to find where the zeds were. All good now. More good news, totally forgot that that I'd upgraded my pc package to a 1080ti 11gb when I bought it. Partially explains why I'm keeping decent frames on 64 Zed horde nights while recording. Been seeing what I can do about streaming. Definitely can't stream with the CPU on my i7-8700K 3.7ghz and record with my GPU at the same time like some guy was saying on
  7. alright thanks, must be steel series engine or something with windows
  8. So did you guys do something to directional sound in the update before last and its still not fixed? I could hear where things were happening last update or before it had direction, now I can't, I can hear something is happening but where I can't tell. Not like before. I was thinking is was just me for a while but after my last horde night it feels like something is up. If this has been brought up sorry, I haven't been watching the forum. If not it will at least eliminate a possibility, could be a something got changed in a windows update. Something feels off though.
  9. Worst case I mute all but the salvageable gun sound effects and talk over. Could be so much easier though and better. I'm not sure why a game dev would not allow their game menu audio to be used on their game footage even if it is under NDA but I guess I have to roll with it. I'm just not going to update for this very reason.
  10. oh I'm sure they wouldn't be happy about it. Would be used to play over edited content of a game that shall not be named to avoid being temp banned again. That's why I was asking if it was fair use.
  11. but what if it isn't for the game? Same deal?
  12. Is the menu music copyright? Or is it fair use?
  13. This was scary! Made my heart jump seeing both and one being a feral. Biker is the early game boogie man on Nightmare speed if you didn't know. In this frame they kind of look like they are dancing though. There were 4 at the gas station.
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