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  1. Thanks, deeply appreciated! One other quick question, where do I go to adjust items degrading every time they are repaired? (Ideally i want to change it so the max level of armor crafting and similar skills to have item below quality 71 no longer degrades on repair)
  2. Loving this mod so far, (about 10ish hours in) I was wondering if there was an easy way to disable the zombie health UI element? I find it more fun/immersive not to know the exact health of the enemies I'm fighting, makes fights much more tense having no idea how close something is to death.
  3. Played for a few hours with a friend, saved and exited like normal with no crashes/issues during the entire session, but when we went to play again a couple hours later I got the following errors when loading my char and it wound up resetting me to lv 1 along with all my skills/inventory etc.. 2020-09-15T09:02:31 188.350 ERR Loading player data failed for player '76561197979941991', rolling back: Attempted to read past the end of the stream. at PooledBinaryReader.FillBuffer (System.Int32 _numBytes) [0x00030] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 at PooledBinaryRead
  4. Does this work with A19? Edit: After some testing I can confirm this does work with the latest version of A19
  5. So how do you use the working stoves upgrade kit? I have the kit in my inventory (I even tried placing it inside the stove) and a hammer (and a nail gun) but trying to use either of them on a stove by right clicking does nothing? Is it specific stoves in the world?
  6. Awesome thanks for the quick update!
  7. I'd love a copy of the 18.2 update as well whenever its ready?
  8. Thanks for the update, these new Z's look fantastic!
  9. Would it be possible to get versions of these without the lights? Currently the lights shine straight through walls, which is kind of annoying when you use them inside the base, or if the camera is always panning over a wall that borders on a crafting room.
  10. I too would love an update for 18.1
  11. Edit: Never mind, didn't realize this had been updated yesterday, so my friend was using the newer file than I was, hence the discrepancy, once I installed the newer version it worked without issue. How do I set this up so it works for a 2 player co op game? I have the mod installed working correctly on my computer, and the other players, but whenever we try to join a game together the mod works fine for the host, but the person joining has their tool belt filled with red X's and is unable to access it? Guessing I need to move a .dll file somewhere, but I'm at a loss as to what I fi
  12. If you ever do figure out how to remove it, please let us know, you're not the only one tired of sneaking around with a symphony blaring from their back pocket. >.<
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