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  1. Do you guys ever get that feeling where something is months or years away and you have infinite patience and don't mind waiting, but as it gets closer and closer (like the day before) you have infinite impatience? Like I waited all this time no problem, but now that it's almost here I'm like GAHH I WANNA PLAY
  2. Tf he's 53? I thought he was like 40
  3. You talking about the guy who had to cut his arm off or whatever? Wait.. So it's your birthday today? If so happy birthday!
  4. No no, not that they would be better behaved haha I meant more like they'd think "that's the biggest problem in your life right now?" At this point though I'm complaining about the complainers which is kinda just as bad so I'll stop lol
  5. I'm sure it was mentioned before but the loot balance does seem a little concerning, kinda like how it was when A17 was first released. There are loot boxes and iron reinforced chests that are easy to get to, and less zombies so they're less defended, then they drop lvl 3 AKs and whatnot on day 2
  6. This is a very clever way of increasing difficulty without turning enemies into bullet sponges, nice
  7. Agreed. I really enjoyed his A15 one with Pokket
  8. He's done amazing work, thanks Faatal! Delete this nephew
  9. This is very very exciting, I REALLY like the variations to the zombie AI and how some will beat down your defenses while others run by to the pathway at like 3:44-3:50
  10. He's joking. Don't take it so seriously
  11. Lol I'm so tempted to boot up 10.4 and see it firsthand, I probably will tomorrow
  12. I never played A10, what happened when you were so far away? Was it kinda like the far lands in Minecraft?
  13. "To watch OTHERS play the game to drive hype for more sales. WOOHOO so excited....j/k I'm not, kids want to watch people play games." ????
  14. I mean from your very first post you've been sarcastic and called people who want to watch the streams "kids." The fact of the matter is this DOES generate hype, and new people join the game all the time. The options are streamers get it Friday and you get it Monday, or no one gets it Friday and you get it Monday. If you think TFP should forgo an opportunity to generate hype and help themselves because it makes your ego feel better and nothing more, that's on you. Just try to go with the flow. It's not meant to be personal. We will all get the game and we will all be able to play it edit: When this concept was first introduced there was a lot of push back. I think that was normal and understandable. But after all this time when the details came out and it is understood why they are doing it this way.. Cmon man
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