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  1. So looking forward to this mod! Might I make a small suggestion? I can't believe no one has done it, maybe it's not an easy thing to do, but updated and new curtains would be so awesome! Again, looking forward to this mod!
  2. Oh ok! Thank you so much Puschpa! I will try that right now. It's remodeling time
  3. Hi Astralweaver, I looked for the directory you described and I can't find anything like that. Under Config in the mod's individual folder it looks like this: AlfalandiaDecor/Config/XUi/ItemIcons and /Config/XUi/Resources That one is for furniture. For the floors: AlfalandiaFloors/Config /ItemIcons /Resources Any idea where to move the icon folders in these scenarios? I can find the names of the items of course, but there is no picture for them. Thanks in advance for your help and reply!
  4. Thank you so much for this mod! I've been looking for something like this. I'm enjoying adding all the new goodies to my home!
  5. This is a great collection of modlets! One question- can the craftable dyes only be used on MP servers or could I use it in my existing SP game? Looking forward to trying some of these
  6. Oh boy! This is just what my inner decorator needed I had already remodeled my house, but this allowed me to add new furniture and a full bathroom to the family room. That came out pretty nice! I have screenshots on Steam of that. I'm enjoying the mod a lot. Thank you so much for sharing. I tried to find this on Nexus to endorse it. If I missed it, just let me know. I'm happy to add screenies and my thumbs up!
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