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  1. Ok, will do. I've already written a couple of things. Give me a few days to compile more. It's ok what you have now. I've been getting a kick out of the notes. You've done a splendid job! I know there's more to come. You have some good things planned. I appreciate you letting me be a part of it 😁 I'll send you a few things soon.
  2. That's right! It was xyth. I had just been on his page and saw them. That makes sense as far as keeping things server side with your mod. I think what you have is good. It works and is fun, interesting, etc. I already have a chess piece 😁 As far as the books and items, I began finding them right away! I got a hand towel and was elated, lol So cute! The notes were interesting, especially- "Vine? What Vine?" 😆 This is totally doable for me. I'm ready to begin when you are. Just let me know. I've already been thinking of small haikus, limericks, etc. that might give one a chuckle, as well as notes with little snippets of intrigue. Those are fun, as they make one want to find other books, like the one you have that notes it is part of a series. I found one book and was scared to read it, lol I won't say which one, but I didn't want to find that part of myself, lmao! Just let me know if how you'd like to proceed, I'm excited for this 😊
  3. If someone would point me towards a tutorial on how to do xml mods I'd be a happy camper. I'd love to do new curtains, blinds, flooring, and if I got too big for my britches, some new deco items. 😁

  4. You sir, have yourself a deal! I think it's totally doable to have small things written. Like remember if you ever played Elder Scrolls, that sometimes you'd find just a list of ingredients for a recipe, or a note that someone wrote to remind themselves of something piddly. Yeah, this is totally doable and I'm excited. I'll do as you say and play some to see the limitations, but I'll tell you up front, I don't see this being a problem, even right now, including creating and using snippets of poetry. I don't know if you saw it and I don't remember offhand who made it, but they created animated comic books. I JUST looked at it too, so it's dumb I can't remember the mod author. Anyway, they have created books that can be read sequentially. If I can remember or find that mod again, I'll let you know. In the meantime, lemme play a bit and then come up with some samples that you might like for now or a20 or both. Whichever suits your fancy.
  5. Thank you! I've been wondering. With your mod I just added, I'm right at 49. No problems with lag or stutter really. I always just cross my fingers and unpack, lol Now I'll do you one better on the problems from installing mods willy nilly. I did something, someone suggested it might have been due to a changing leveling type of mod or something. But anywho, after I installed a few I went in and my girl was back to zero EVERYthing related to her. She had none of her boss ass tools, her clothing, and *gasp* she had gone back to a new spawn, with no levels or books read. I had been up there and had good stuff, so I was so outdone! Luckily I realized I could "reimburse" her for her losses via the creative menu, so I got her back up to speed. But it did change my game stage too I think. Thankfully, my house and all my stuff there had not changed in any way. All in all a hard lesson to learn about being sure I understand things when I install them, and not to do too many at once, lmao! Note: I left you a message on your modlet thread regarding the You've got mail modlet.
  6. I'm glad it's getting sorted out. I know that can be frustrating. You never know about those foods though, lol! I was satisfied too until I saw Noble's modlet. Lord that food looks so good it always makes me hungry IRL to find it 😋
  7. Hey there Dough! So many good ideas and hard work here! I just downloaded this one and I'm super stoked to see what I find. I've been sick of just mostly finding paper too. While I'm at it, I'd like to offer my letter writing and/or story services should you want help. I write short stories, poetry, and backstories for DayZ, so I'd be happy to help if you'd want or need it. I can plunk those out fairly quickly, so just say the word, or if you'd like a sample. Good job and good luck with all you're doing! 😃
  8. Great list you and @doughphunghus! @xyth I'd love just ordinary house and/or feral cats. Long haired and short haired. I have four rescue cats of my own and take care of a colony of about 15 ferals in my backyard along with possums, coons, squirrels. So yeah, the one bowl of milk away from being a cat lady, would love to see these animals as well lol I'd hate to see chickens leave though. I know someone tried to add doggos, but that didn't work out very well. I think it's just the way the game is coded and being able to replicate models that make sense. But yeah, cats please. Dogs if we could. Actually I wish we could have a personal pet/companion! But alas, one can dream 😄 Thanks again for the creature pack. I'm really enjoying all the birds and ambient sounds. Plus the goats crack me up. I just have to let them live they're so well done and bring life to my world! P.S. Question if it's no bother- I see new animals, do I need to update the pack to a more recent version? And in doing so, will I mess any existing animals up?
  9. Hi Liesel, I have the Working Stoves and Sinks mod and have had no problems with it, other than initially not being able to find it. But that was my bad, not Stallion's. Your tone man! Stallion and other modders do this for us free of charge and people like Stallion, Guppycur and others are always ready and willing to help when they can. I've never seen them even give a hint of being frustrated at any question they've been asked. You might be a bit more understanding, that's all I'm saying. The way you come across is what we'd call "bad optics." No harm or disrespect to you intended, but it pains me to see a good modder receive flack when they are trying to keep another modder's good work alive, like with these mods here. Now with the Working Stoves, all I have to do is have the ingredients in my inventory, choose the item I want to make and it cooks. It doesn't need any fuel. That's what I love about it. It's like a real stove. I'm sorry if it had to be changed. The sinks work flawlessly too. Hold a jar in hand and choose the key to interact. I have my keys remapped so they may be different from yours. I don't have any bowls or recipes with this mod. Try Noble's foods on Nexus if you want varied, cool foods that aren't IMHO overpowered. I hope you get it all sorted out and maybe show a little love to the modders working so hard to help us have better game experiences.
  10. Ok gotcha! They are all there. I just wanted to make sure 😁 Kudos to you sir. Hearted 😍 P.S. Love the new wood shapes too!
  11. I don't know what's causing it, but I love it, lol! There is a mega Stag, I just saw mega boars yesterday. The snake is still around. You're right something is scaling vanilla animals and allowing some enemy animals to spawn. I'm just enjoying it. Your birds are so cool! Got some pics this time.
  12. Yep, that fixed it! They work like a charm. Thanks again 🥰
  13. @fr3ak4l First, thank you for sharing your hard work with the community! Hearted! I got your More Windows modlet, but I'm not sure which windows you've added. Would you mind letting me know what they look like. I have two other mods that add windows and I want to give credit where credit is due to your mod 🙂
  14. A quick question if you don't mind. I can't seem to get the sinks to give water. I've tried the mouse buttons, bare hands, and holding a jar in my hand. All I do is punch the sink and damage it. I looked to see if I needed to craft the sinks, but don't see anything other than the old sink models. What do you 'spose I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  15. Wow Stallion! I just gotta say, I had no idea how much I needed the Invisible Animal Fix mod until I saw how it works. I've had at least a 50% increase in animals spawning! It is so cool! I got Xyth's Creature Pack- Animals so I have even more animals. It really makes the world more alive for me, since I don't always use the zombies as I said. Great job on the Animal Fix! Everyone should get this, they'd be amazed at how many animals this allows to spawn.
  16. Great job Xyth! I got the Creature Pack- Animals and have seen a large snake, a beautiful hawk, goats a'plenty, and a mega deer. Is the mega stag a thing? They seem to kind of float a bit above the ground and do not register as a stag kill on the quest. They are huge! I thought maybe all deer had glitched, but I also killed a regular sized stag that did count in the quest. Regardless, I'm loving the pack. Puts some real life in the world for me. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing the Creature packs! Hearted here, if I can find them on Nexus will be endorsed there 😁
  17. Already endorsed on Nexus. Just giving you some luv on these forums. Love this modlet! Thank you for your contributions to my remodeling 🤩
  18. Thank you Life_For_Dead! I think I know what happened, but backing up using the string above is very helpful information. I lost my files when Windows updated and I was heartsick to have lost my game saves too. This will help with that. I'm thinking I did install a mod that made changes like you describe, so that's probably what went down. Also thank you for the load order help. I knew how to do it manually with like Fallout and Oblivion & Skyrim, but with 7 days I just install them and they are listed alphabetically in the mod folder. I've got a bunch of mods now, but I'm technically still new to doing it. Speaking of which, does anyone know the mod limit for 7 Days? I had like 241 mods on my Oblivion game, with very few issues. I'm getting close to 50 mods on this game, and I'm wondering if adding more than that will cause any problems. At any rate, thank you so much for your info packed response. I learned from it and will be using the info 😘 Yeah, I'll probably still be a bad girl, but hopefully a bit more careful one, lol From Guppy I have: Door Blocks Flower Bunch Blocks Victorian Blocks From you (Stallionsden) I have: Extra Recipes Home Brewery Invisible Animal Fix Pets Zombie Modifications-2 I've played since the back to zero level debacle and so far no problems that I can see, and I can find everything too 😁 I'm building so I have zombies turned off. We'll see what happens when I turn them back on to make sure my house is still cleared out.
  19. No, I never researched it enough to be able to use it. But I might try. It reminded me of the script extender in the Elder Scrolls games. I don't mind if the clocks don't actually work 😋 I thought they were cute. More good work from you sir!
  20. OMG!! Nobody plays 7 Days with me and I just gotta tell somebody, so you lucky dog Stallion, I'm telling you because it happened after I installed a bunch of your mods, roflmao! I am a bad girl. I don't install one mod at a time, I pick what I want and then activate them all. I know better, but so far I've been blessed to not have errors or problems. So I gets about five of yours that I've always wanted, and one other from Nexus. I install and log in to see if I can find my new items. I get no error messages upon load in. Well when I spawn in I'm no longer a level 16 with my primo tools and military armor I just made yesterday. I'm brand freakin new, level 0 in just my underwear! I panicked, lol I instantly shut down the game and restarted thinking that maybe I hit "new game" instead of continue. Nope, still naked and being given the starting quest line. I started to run back to my house I just started remodeling yesterday since I got Guppy's mods to work. When I got home, thanks be that all my stuff was still there. Nothing was amiss or lost. All I could do was say, if losing your levels and stuff today is the worst thing that happens, it's not a bad day 😆 So what did we learn today little impatient, over zealous girl? Well I will stop activating six mods at once. I also learned how to use console commands to right myself back to my former self. That was too much progress to lose. So now I'm right as rain, but man what a trip! Thank you for listening 😜
  21. Working Ovens and Stoves, brilliant! Works like a charm. Thank you for the mod and hard work! Hearted 😘
  22. As always thank you Stallion! You guys are so awesome! I'm happy to report that all is well in my 7 Days world again! I figured out the problem by studying the file folder structure. I did have to go in and delete the one items file as before, but there was another problem. The extraction from the .zip created a file folder which was the full name of the mod. Inside that folder was another one with the shortened name of the mod. By taking that folder out of the main one, then deleting the longer named folder, everything worked as it should. I've already gotten started remodeling with my Guppy items again! The flowers you added Guppy are just beautiful. Thank you both so much for not only your great work, but your quick responses when we need help and doing everything possible to get things up and running. I'm so happy! Now where dem cuckoo clocks at, lol! 😄 P.S.- if you know a good .xml file tutorial, would you mind pointing me to it? Guppy's curtains are great. I'd love to have even more and some carpet/flooring options, since Alfandia's mods are no longer with us. No time like the present to maybe try to do a mod myself.
  23. I'd be happy to, this is going to sound so dumb though. Which log, my load order, or what mods I have? I checked again last night and nada, I can't find them anywhere unless you changed the prefix at some point. I used to just search for "guppy..." I also tried looking for "Victorian..." Thank you so much for responding. It's crazy, but I'm a bit depressed I can't decorate using your mods. But wait! In trying to find this post, I saw where I originally had trouble in A-18 too finding the icons and what not. Stallion and someone else told me how to fix it. Let me go review that response again. That might be the problem. It just occurred to me. I'll report back.
  24. Guppy whyyy??? (Yeah I'm whining, lol) Where is my beautiful Victorian furnitures and doors? I'm jonesing so bad for them. Not like you have a life outside modding or anything :P But seriously, I'm missing your beautiful work so badly. I do have the old A-18 mods I had installed, but so far I can't find the recipes or even the items in creative. Is there something I can do to reactivate or find them? I know time is always of the essence, but just wanted you to know I'm delirious and pining for my beautiful houses from A-18 cause I don't have my Guppycur Victorian and Door mods. Appreciate you man, big time! 🥰
  25. Hello @Alfacinha I hope you are doing well. Just wanted you to know how much I miss your mods. I have a new house and no cool furnitures to use. I hope you will be able to update for A-19. Just showing you some love and appreciation. Letting you know how much your work is missed 🥰
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