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  1. Gameplaywise, wouldn't increased food consumption with heavier guns (rocket launcher, m60) be also meaningful? You could also gate heavy equipment usage behind a different ramboesque perk, in order to further clarify archetypes. I mean currently we got quantum physicists pulling out the rambogun with prolly 1 STR and 7 perception. Note: I am usually one of these physicists 🤡
  2. Got a seed surrounded by sea (almost), a Sahara like region disrupting a forest home, burnt forest South, lakes dispersed everywhere. Favourite advanced gen map so far😎
  3. Major Marquus de Chad moment, fighting a daylight horde @day2 in wetlands. The rage mechanic should be tied to a burst damage variable, lest power attacks (I.e. spear throw then bow) become an exploit Gotta say, mountain lions made me crouch again after a year 👻
  4. Rock me Amadeus insert (your own flavour here:P), Shiver me Timbers and I'm totally serious, I'd push for a "lusty argonian maid" haha
  5. C'mon, those are cocktail names... and rockin' ones at that
  6. Glad you like like it. It actually takes me back to New Vegas, beginning with a bullet in your skull and a score to settle; it would be awesome for these new origins to be tied with some story-driving NPCs in the future, or some really custom settings, I.e. beginning infected and searching for a batch of antiserum within the hospital #a dudes gotta dream
  7. Hey guys, long time lurked here. Was think8ng it'd be a fun, rpg-preparatory step to add some starting point alternatives, e.g. the Grimesey hospital wake up, an escape from the Higashi building before [ancient Egyptian spoiler tags], a plain old POW escape - scenario, modified for the games lore. A18's looking sweet btw, just leaving it here before the next whatever-gate erupts
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