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  1. Try bigger backpacks, always open traders ( so you don't have to wait all night for a trader to open, plus you can do quests and get the rewards any time of day). Faster vehicles is nice, cuts down on the feeling that you're playing a walking simulator. I also play with steel ammo added back into the game since brass is such an issue at the beginning if you're playing with more than one person. I also like the 2 skill point per level mod, as it helps a bit with the early game to get to the point where you're self sufficient and can craft heals and food and base defenses. Then you can start concentrating on a nice end game mega build like a sky scraper or something.
  2. I love your base build so much! What are your plans for expanding, and what are you going to do when Demolishers come knocking?
  3. I love the idea of two people racing to complete the bridge across the two towers, and they could combine resources to craft the gyro for escaping. Two towers worth of loot is much better odds for completing the end goal. On a side note, there is a hang glider mod that exists on Nexus Mods, you could glide gracefully from the top of one of the towers to the porch roof of the second one, then once you worked your way to the top, you'd have a way back and forth to carrier pigeon your resources between the two towers. And since your not touching the outside ground, its within the spirit of the original challenge. Honestly I'm liking this idea. I'd love to combine it all in one mod. Basically 2 towers, the hang glider mod, a static spawned trader with custom loot/item table, zombie loot bags drop 60% of the time, but with edited loot table for balance, all combined into the balance changes already in effect for this mod. Of course, if someone can figure a way to make loot respawn even tho your still in the Tower, then we wouldn't really need all this any ways, we'd have to just keep surviving till each loot respawn hoping to get what we need to fly out to safety.
  4. What about two towers but you have to build a bridge to get to the other one? Its not reasonable to expect we could build the whole bridge out of steel, but I wonder if you made the first block steel so it has good structural integrity for holding weeight, then concrete out from there, and put some of the support column blocks , if that would be able to make the spand between two dishong tower POI's placed directly next to each other? You could try holding off looting until you have better perks, but you have to survive... i don't see you making it through a blood moon on default settings without at least a few arrows and a melee weapon of some kind, and you are going to want some healing items and food... I think if you just turned up the amount of zombie loot bags, and made sure that the loot table of them included some small amount of the resources and items you will need to sustain yourself, it would be perfect.... In my opinion, it should be like a chess game or puzzle of some sort where there is almost always a way to win if you have enough skill and persevere long enough. Keep in mind, I'm just asking for the challenge mod to be made winnable, not EASY. The dishong tower challenge has roots back to a time when every zombie was searchable, which meant as long as you kept killing you could keep resources coming in some way or another. Nowdays that just isn't the case. Since you've went ahead and released a modlet with an entire world with nothing but a Dishong Tower in it, why not go ahead an spawn a custom Trader into the Tower? That could be another way to ease the burden.... Again, you Could edit the traders list of supplies like any other mod, to balance whats available and the prices, considering money is beyond scarce, items should come down to be priced in the low single and double digits. It just bugs me that more often that not, if you stayed alive, you're going to end up with a tower thats completely empty of loot, that wont respawn loot because you are currently inside the chunk thats loaded into memory. If youre really lucky, you've managed to get a tiny farm going with a small amount of sustainable food... And thats about it. If you weren't lucky enough to get all the resources or parts you would need to craft the copter by the time you loot and wrench the tower, you're just about screwed.
  5. Any update for alpha 18.2 or 18.3? Or will the current version work fine on these newer builds of the game?
  6. What are you supposed to do if you loot the entire building and you don't have the stuff you need to complete a gyro copter and leave? What source do you have to rely on to be able to gather the materials to leave? If you harvest/wrench everything in the building, what options do you have to bring in more loot or resources? zombie loot bags don't drop NEAR often enough to make them a reasonable source of incoming materials, and loot wont respawn in the building you are currently in, so even if you have loot respawn set for something reasonable, like 14 days, you can't even aim for a certain day that all loot will respawn. I'm kind of at a loss for how you can actually complete the challenge without being extremely, EXTREMELY lucky. This means that skill has no bearing or effect on whether or not you are able to complete the Dishong Tower Challenge. What about upping the amount of zombie loot bags that spawn so that its a sort of replacement for how you used to be able to search zombie corpses in Alpha 16. Then you could use that avenue to dole out small amounts of resources to the player, so that as long as they keep KILLING and stay alive, they will eventually complete the goal. What do you guys think about that option? If its possible, you could edit the loot table for zombies and decide what items and what amount should be reasonable to spawn, but what I'm thinking about is the fact that it would make sure that every time you start a Dishong Tower Challenge, it is winnable if you have enough skill and perseverance. My only complaint against the Tower Challenge in its current state is that there is no guarantee, by a long shot, that you will even come close to the end goal on any given run. These balances were a great start, my original question remains, what happens when the whole tower is looted, which could easily be by day 3-5? There has to be some sort of sustainable resource income, even if its a minuscule amount.
  7. sorry didn't realize you actually replied to the thread! I've downloaded your blurry height map and it works perfectly, thank you! I really feel like this 95% flat height map should have been an option in Nitrogen to begin with. It would be really cool if there was a thread that had some edited resource files to diversify some of the features, like craters that aren't perfectly circular, the fact that almost every river and lake is exactly the same, burnt biomes that aren't just simple purple squiggles but bigger like the forest and desert biomes, etc …Just adding a few more resource images for each of these things would make a HUGE difference in the diversity of the maps, making them way more interesting. At present the only way to get a map with an even amount of every biome is to edit the biome file yourself, I find it very odd that simple option isn't included in the generator. Someone with a basic knowledge of photo shop could create a zip file with some extra images to throw in the resource folder that fixes pretty much every one of these issues, and make 10 or so biome pngs … Its really weird the only way you can get snow with the generator is to have the North Snow South Desert option ticked... Its just little things like this that bug me about Nitrogen.
  8. Any hope for a new update or custom building blocks for bases? Like arches, etc?
  9. Any hope to get the ball rollin on this project again? Maybe the author of the 7D2D mod launcher can share some code and we can do something like a direct port to Linux.
  10. Yea my nitrogen maps usually have a Dishong tower, but the Nitrogen maps have WAY to many hills. The minibikes and 4x4 are hard to use on nitrogen maps because the mountains are way too steep and they are everywere, so the vehicles wont go up the mountains and going around them can take 5-10 minutes, and if you going around doing quests, that adds up exponentially. Vanilla RWG has less hills and is easier to traverse across the map, but out of the 5 seeds I tried on Vanilla RWG, there wasn't a single dishing tower. that's my dilemma I want less mountains, but I still want dishing towers in my map. On the lowest hill/mountain setting, nitrogen still fills the entire map with mountains. If I use Vanilla RWG, I don't get any Dishong Towers.
  11. Does Dishong Tower prefab not show up in vanilla RWG worlds? I've previewed 5 seeds, mixed between 4096 and 8192 sizes, not one of them had even one single Dishong Tower. The worlds I generate with Nitrogen map generator usually have one or two Dishong Towers, but even with the hills and mountains turned to a minimum, I still end up with HUGE mountains that take 5 minutes to drive around to get to quests etc.. Should I just hand place a Dishong tower into a Vanilla world, or is there a way to turn Mountains in Nitrogen Map generator down to be similar to vanilla RWG mountains.. Dishong is my favorite POI, and I don't like to play a map that doesn't have atleast one of them and a few factories, so I have some decent options for top tier trader quests. What should I do guys?
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