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  1. I feel the same, IMO, if every player got their way on games they would be a huge mess and more than likely unplayable for most. That's not to say player choice or options for a game is bad, just have to find the balance, as you already stated. I feel I get more options for my gameplay experience in this game than most other games I have played without using mods or editing code.
  2. LOL..... That's all there is to say about that. Good job!
  3. I think an early congratulations is in order! May you continue to have good fortune in the future.
  4. As you have said before "it takes as long as it takes". I say take as much time as needed, sure I would like it to be released this friday, but what ever you decide I will be happy with it.
  5. Not to mention it takes longer for smaller development teams when creating a game as complex as this one with a significantly smaller budget to work with and no prior games or engines. Not saying this is a bad thing at all, its awesome to see devs like TFP creating good games as well as great communication with the player base at almost all times and not just when something goes horribly wrong.
  6. Wish I played it then, I would do it just to do it for the laughs, did it just for laughs in skyrim.
  7. Ya, like going to fight a giant in skyrim only to be launched into space, good times. Maybe the demolishers will have a bug similar to this, lol.
  8. Oh damn it all, can only hope that more bugs got crushed under it when it hit the floor. Guess even that magic box needs some more QA testing. I second this, it needs to be ready first.
  9. Good ole Axl Rose. I get this as well, listen for abit, then listen to other rock, and will come back to it.
  10. I like this as well, I always wondered and imagined if it would be fun to see the zombies go through all the upgrades you put on the block even if it was upgraded all the way from wood frame.
  11. You did better than I have done so far. Fellow auto mechanic here, still working on what you have already done. Dream is to one day own a mechanic shop, Ill get there. Though I'm more on the engine side of things.
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