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  1. Up to Day 14 Currently! 30 minute days, Fists only, 4x4k world, all settings normal other than time.
  2. Here is the Ultimate Fist Only Challenge of Alpha 19!!!! Check it out Day 02 of the fists only challenge https://youtu.be/03IWMULaWPw
  3. I’m getting unknown command with these
  4. https://youtu.be/U_zYro3S3ko https://youtu.be/AjmRlXpFcm4
  5. [video=youtube_share;R8kSzR79K48] Check it out! Post your cool ideas for alpha 19 and maybe we can make another video discussing them
  6. Steam name:PwnsaurusRex Hours played:359 Started on Alpha:Alpha 17 Discord name:PwnsaurusRex#8634 Native language:English I am a content creator on youtube with 469 subs, making content 3 days a week specifically for 7 days to die covering a variety of material
  7. [video=youtube_share;3zNsNWozJTA] Now with this trick, the more points into lucky looter (A18) you have, the better and more accurate it will be, Without this trick i used to dig craters.... but now i am down 3 and over 3 ... max ... saves so much time!
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