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  1. I just tested it, 1 zombie can survive a trap, but not 2 traps
  2. Thanks. When I look at the creative menu. I see that the wooden spike trap only has 33 hitpoints not 150.
  3. Ok If I understand it right and a horde night is 50 zombies and my I have a trap entrance of 5 wide, I should make it 10 deep and then I do not have to should 1 arrow. If the all come to the entrance side off course.
  4. Yes it is almost night, how many rows thick is usefull? Sorry another question, should I make an trap entrance to all 4 sides of my house, or will they always search for an easy way in?
  5. Something like this? I hope I will survive the night
  6. Csn we build spikes again with the new stable version? Or will they not return to the game. I think they are removed in A16. If they do not return is there anything else that does the same?
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