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  1. @hiemfire thanks for the quick response. That Dump N' Lung mine spawns in the desert biome naturally via Navezgane, right? If so, why is there one random location with coal, yet the rest of the biome is dry of it?
  2. Have been wondering this for awhile and wanted everyone's findings; can you find coal in the desert biome or is it completely gone from that biome now? I have been wanting to make a desert only map, but didn't want ammo to become a major issue late-game because of coal not being in the world. Just some food for thought.
  3. @anyone does anybody know if the recent FPS issue is being looked into? Since A19:B169 I have had some pretty severe low FPS. I went from being able to run on near Ultra settings with between 60-100 FPS and am now looking at 30-70 FPS on mid-low video settings. I know this isn't game breaking, but my wife's computer is running it even worse when in LAN co-op at a max of 45-50 FPS, but more commonly 15-25 FPS. Just wanted to see if it is being looked into and if we as a community could do anything to assist in the process. Thanks everybody.
  4. MM or anyone who knows... Is there going to be an experimental/unstable early release for those willing to go through and find any bugs/glitches and report them? If so, is there a time-frame on when that might be? Thanks.
  5. In defense of TFP, if you were to be in your natural everyday lifestyle with whatever you do (assuming you're not actually a blacksmith, carpenter, some trade like that) and were thrown into the zombie apocalypse world of 7D2D, would you be able to "craft" an extremely efficient bow? Probably not I would say. Now that doesn't mean you don't have the common sense to make it work and make it be able to kill something, but it would be along the lines of: you are walking through the woods, finally thinking you have escaped. You come across some thin vines and a bowed stick that you decide to make into a makeshift bow. Once you're done, you have what you could maybe call a bow and think you'll be okay. As you're walking you here a noise and out of the corner you spot him "Shia Labeouf". He turns to you and you get your bow and fire off an arrow. It misses him just by a hair. You fire off another, hitting him in the pelvis. He's limping now, but still running at you madly. You manage to fire off a few more arrows hitting him in different parts of the body. "Oh god, he just won't stop sprinting!" you yell. You fire off your last arrow hitting him in the head. He's dead. Finally. You sigh in relief, walking over to the corpse to recover your salvageable arrows. As you get close you find only one arrow is not broken. Unfortunate. "Maybe the more I practice, the better I get" you think to yourself. And from that day on you decide to use all your "skills" towards crafting useful bows and arrows to survive. The End
  6. Tiers for wrenches would be good especially going along side Salvage Operations and taking apart mechanical/electrical components. Honestly I think they should increase the amount of resources you get from certain things you can wrench apart (like desks, chairs, lights, smaller objects, random things you take apart, etc.). I tried doing a play through in A17 where I used Salvage Operations as my main point of gathering resources as well as the concrete/cobblestone pallets to gather those materials to prevent having to mine for those who do not enjoy it and it is practically impossible to build an efficient base in a timely manner doing so. Another point to make (and add to the rant it seems) is that Salvage Operations should increase the amount of materials you get from scrapping different things. ex.(empty cans, brass trophies, doorknobs, fishing weights, candy tin cans, etc.).
  7. I completely agree. There should be a "complete section" option or something of the sort and you get bonus xp for building the whole thing and then a "complete base" option as well. Another option would be once the Bloodmoon ends the game could run a script on your base and give you more "bonus xp" for how much damage your base took. ex. Bloodmoon finished: 1. Minimal damage taken to structural integrity - Bloodmoon ended by "xxxx" - generating efficient building xp gain - processed - + 2,500 xp or on the contrary 2. Massive damage taken to structure - Bloodmoon finished ended by "xxxx" generating efficient building xp gain - processed - +125 xp
  8. Personally I can take the 1 or 2 extra hits for the most part, but the extra HP would be amazing. Plus I'm more of a building/crafting style player than a raider and would appreciate all the extra base defense I can get
  9. I think instead of nerfing the Hammer, they should make structure a part of the process. Meaning, the better the tool you use the stronger the block actually is. Ex. when upgrading to concrete * Stone axe - 4 hits 2,000 hp * Wrench - 3 hits 2,500 hp * Hammer - 2 hits 3,000 hp * Nailgun - 1 hit 3,500 hp Therefore promoting not only the speed, but the efficiency of the tool you are using. If they wanted their game to be real world, that would be the case. As in construction for instance, building with screws instead of nails is much more safe and sound. Where building with rebar also structures the concrete to a much more formidable level. Just food for thought.
  10. Only thing Nailgun is better at is flagstone to cobblestone. -Hammer takes 3 hits (33%-66%-100%) -Nailgun takes 1 hit
  11. Yes there are still those ore veins and they are in at least 3 biomes in 17 (Forest, Burnt Forest, Desert) and I feel like they are actually not nearly as rare as in 16. Find them mixed in with other ores all the time. Usually in sand patches from the surface.
  12. MM or anyone who knows: Is there a file/screenshot of all the overhauled perks that we can use to decide early what play through we would be interested in. I know there is a video where you covered them, but I would like to look at them in detail. Thanks.
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