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  1. I never acted in any such way. In fact, to the contrary. I am saying that discussion between the developers and the players is necessary because of the fact the devs don't have all player experience, and the players don't have developer knowledge - and in order for both vacuums of ignorance to be filled discussion must take place 😂 I'm not talking about my own personal likes and dislikes by the way. Btw, what does make something a garbage decision? 🤔 And if them making a change I don't like doesn't make it a garbage decision, would them making a change that I personally approve of necessarily make it a good one? 😬
  2. Same applies to the devs. Especially when it comes to facilitating players. I understand the developers are making their game, but it isn't for them. It's for us. They are developing a product and it's aimed at a market. Sometimes they add stuff and remove it later, sometimes they remove stuff and add garbage, sometimes they give us great stuff, and sometimes they don't listen. I suppose it's all about developing in between a rock and a hard place, and still trying to develop something close to their own vision. So when it comes to who knows best, or better, yeah. It's situational. I'd say it's good for everyone to bear in mind that just because you're a developer you don't always know what's best for the players, and as a player we don't always know what's best for the game. This is why discussion is critical, and paying attention to the content of (not always well articulated) points ( 😏 ) in order to gauge all perspectives on the current state of development is necessary 😁
  3. I saw MadMoles latest video, and have a few observations and comments. In my opinion the spear in hand should have a little more length, it seems rather short. Also the knife animation when harvesting just looks wrong, I have no idea why that was changed because before it was great already and now it just looks.. I can't describe it.. just not normal 🙄 The wrench harvesting animation, also, I saw MadMole got some resources by whacking the radiator. Is that supposed to happen? I loved the old wrench animation and maybe it was just lazy harvesting by smacking it over using the wrench to deconstruct with a turning animation. Does anyone know if you can harvest by whacking or if the animation was indeed changed? The bird sounds when ridinf the bike also seemed off. I'm not expecting rhe doppler effect but when he was riding the bird sounds remained the same constantly. I think they should get louder and quieter giving the impression you are passing them instead of the same sound volume all the time. Maybe not so noticeable on foot, but on a bike it looks lime a cheap overlay just for a forced effect. I also saw some cupboards maintained their integrity but couldn't be looted. Is that a bug or has the block been painted like a cupboard but is just a normal block of some sort? 🤔
  4. Thank you. I won't rush to say 'not long' till release - just hold in together - fingers crossed when it gets down to the last fix it doesn't go horribly wrong and wreck release 😁
  5. I was going to say that. I wonder if they would create a just for fun 'Last Bugs' thread (with actual last bugs and fix updates of course) under the title: '7 Days to Release' 😁 Edit: Is there a latest number on the MF count? The last I saw was 27 but that was a while ago now...
  6. Since half blocks are in the game, perhaps those knee high planter boxes would work nicely. That, and the fact it may make a nice aesthetic having them slightly below full blocks. Although they may need to adjust how plants sit, to stop them from floating 🙄
  7. I didn't say that the retards are the sole determinant to banning such things. I think you will find the people who issue bans are not the players but those who work in positions that decide for us, on our behalf what we may or may not be offended by in what we see or hear. There is an excellent talk by Christopher Hitchens on free speech where he articulates this point infinitely better than I could. I have no problem with violence against children if these children are undead creatures or mutants that are so far dettached from reality as to make it an absurdity to complain about killing them. Added to the fact that other games have this stuff in it and theres no worldwide significant outcry sufficient to have these things completely banned from games. This should tell you that open discussion is not only warranted but required in order to determine what gets into games and what doesn't, for which age range, and who should be making those decisions and for what reasons. You will soon see my point that it isn't as much gamers as uneducated mouthpieces or government employees who get to decide what you may be offended by before you're even exposed to the material. I fully accept Dimpy's point but I have to say the question of who wants it vs who doesn't wasn't my point. It was having them vs not having them and looking at the country law based prohibition, and whether or not The Pimps would give those limiting areas the middle finger and my assumption that many would be in favour or want child zombies added. Although, Dimpys point is very important in highlighting how many people want it vs how many people are just ok with it. Perhaps a poll would be beneficial so we could actually gather some data on what the playerbase want? 🤔 I personally want to see more zombie types and models in the game to make it a little more 'complete.' The same handful of Zombies in the apocalyptic aftermath gets rather boring after a while.
  8. Interesting how people reason. MadMole frequently touts this game with a blunt Majority-Over-Minority attitude regarding player preferences and suggestions. I wonder, if Australia is one of a few countries that would consider child zombies (spoiler alert - zombies aren't real) a reason to ban sale of the game, but if the majority of the world was ok with it, would the devs stick to their MOM point of view. Or if their business mentality would overturn their attitude and never add child zombies based on profitability and sales of the game. I never understand the retards (and yes I am being openly harsh) who claim video game violence translates to real world violence. Sociopathic and more worrying psycopathic behaviour is what leads to the acts of violence or indifference to it, not video games. You need a pretty horrible person behind the controller of any game to consider harming a child or any other individual. And by the way, as soon as I look out the window and see child zombies running around outside, crawling up walls and ripping peoples throats out - I will be the first to advocate (selective) violence against children 😂 On a serious other point that I can't get my head around, why are people selectively against violence towards children, but perfectly ok with violence against men and women and the elderly in computer games? Especially when games are not real life, the violence is against zombies (which are equally not real), and when gratuitous violence against anyone, adult or child, is equally despicable 🤔
  9. The fact it keeps coming up should show that people are in favour of having it turned off and that it's important for them. Far better to be looked down on for hope and even irritating requests than being liked for being a nay sayer and hanging yourself over to resignation. Even if The Fun Pimps didn't want to give in, if they gave the modders the tools to do it then they wouldn't have to. I suppose I would take that over nothing at all.
  10. I already said instead of spending time on ruling out one 'safe' means of play you could have spent your time on implementing and improving more pressing issues. And with the greatest of respect, MadMole, my rooftop safety point wasn't to have a go at you. I was simply pointing out that if the no safe haven policy applies to underground then it should equally apply to rooftop building. I would have fixed it all or fixed nothing until there was sufficient time to do so, and by fixing I mean nullifying any means of a 'safe' haven. Instead what happened was rooves are untouched, and the Cheesemakers are back, and the reimplementing took time that in my humble opinion would have been better spent. And as for your 'go away or play something else' comment. Sure. Just be sure to issue a full refund 😁 Edit: you mentioned modding, does that mean you will at least allow for zombie digging to be turned off by a modder? Again, a genuine question because I have no idea how modding works.
  11. I beg your pardon? First, I was so safe that I was able to undertake reconstructing the whole building. That came after the fact. Second, have I not recently stated the amount of hard work that goes into underground building, especially for those going above bedrock? The stamina requirements and associated food, the experience requirements and perk purchases to get through the rock at a half decent speed, the huge land shifting that goes into making a space in which to build, the need to return to the surface for crafting materials to actually construct stuff like the forge, the workbench, chem station etc - the list goes on... Third, a bunch of work? You mean disabling zombie digging? Fourth, I don't know where you get your stats from to claim 99.9% of players who bought the game or how it would be 'bad' for them. And what do you mean by 'bad'? Why don't you do a poll on steam or somewhere you can gain genuine and large sampled votes on things players would like? But even if it were the case that even 99.99% of the playerbase didn't build underground, then it wouldn't make a difference having the option to disable zombie digging. If people aren't building underground or they didn't buy the game 'to be safe', then it begs the question of why you would bother to put such digging measures in place at all. And fifth, and finally, I most certainly am not asking or expecting anything maintenance free. I enjoyed making underground bases to avoid hordes that I didn't want to fight as much as I did maintaining an above ground base to take them down when I wanted to take them on. That included upkeep, traps, and replacing damaged ground.
  12. It's not just about the horde though, MadMole. It's also about what I mentioned earlier, and a point that you picked up on which is screamers. And then zombies wrecking the landscape... Having the option to toggle something would really be a massive inprovement. Having the option to fight or not on my own terms is really something that sold both me and my friend to this game 😊 I had plans to get my brother into the game and a few more friends, but I regret to say that with this reluctance to offer players the freedom to choose to fight on their own terms puts me in a position where I cannot recommend it. I really cannot understand why you are so dead set on forcing the players into conflict when the very choice to do the opposite as and when it suits is one of the best things about 7D.
  13. I'm assuming you mean now? Because A17 would disagree with you. And I have a rooftop base to prove it 😂 In fact it was so safe I was able to rebuild the whole missing half with very little maintenance on the existing half. So unless something has changed in A18 then rooftops are still very much safe. High rooftops at least. Edit: For the record I didn't use traps either, or spikes.
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