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  1. A friend of mine has rented a server from ServerBlend, and wanted me to generate a map for the server using Nitrogen. I generated a 10K map with Compopack POIs included. I tested the map in a hosted multiplayer session and everything worked fine. However I am at a loss with how to get the map files uploaded to the file manager properly. Every time I try I cannot see the files on the server file manager, so I can place them in the proper folders. Any help with this problem would be very much appreciated
  2. Steam name: DannyBlaze — https://steamcommunity.com/id/DannyBlaze Hours played: 1061 Started on Alpha 10.4 Discord name: DannyblazeTM#5855 Native language: English
  3. I play with some players who have visual problems, including cataracts. Which setting specifically could I edit to allow for a higher gamma value? And also when they adjust the gamma, the new values aren't applying. Also which entries in the XML or whatever files could I change to adjust the infection settings. I would prefer for if the infection debuff is under 10% if it could be cleared on death, and persisting after. The people I play with are not quite so skilled in melee, so they tend to get in a lot of fights and get infected a lot. Thanks
  4. Lost interest in TWD when they started up the Governor arc. The first season was great, the second was okay. The third was pretty bad imo. From what I've seen of more recent seasons, it all seems like nearly endless human-human conflicts and battles with the zombies taking a backseat to these story arcs. I would give anything to have a really dark post-apocalyptic zombie horror series that focuses on the day-to-day survival over the endless human drama that seems so pervasive in TWD. Give it the bleak atmosphere of The Road, with 28 Days Later or I am Legend zombies/infected.
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