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  1. I always wonder about people who post like this, like, are these the same people who scream out their car windows "Work faster, you lazy idiots!!!" at road construction workers? There's just something magical about that combination of rage, ignorance, and whininess.
  2. They're sort of combining armor and clothing, since there will be only 4 slots (head, chest, arm, legs.) There will probably be some sets that don't provide armor, but other buffs instead. I'm personally on the fence about it- I like that we'll have different outfits for different purposes, which among other things helps extend the loot hunt, but some of the effects are basically outright magic and at first glance feel really out of place for me. I'll see how it plays, maybe I'll change my mind. As for weapons, there's already a tier 3 9mm pistol in the form of the SMG. More weapon
  3. As TFP have added more weapons to the game, the tier lists keep getting resorted. I suspect there's some inconsistencies in the documentation. Since we know pipe weapons are coming, we can reason that tools and firearms will have 4 tiers, and most melee weapons will have 3.
  4. You think so? I wasn't that impressed with it, honestly. Granted, I never remembered to use the candy that gives it an AoE; my opinion could well change next time I try a baton build. In my Int run through experimental A19, I felt like it was only adequate. It was a little safer than knives or fists, but also much slower, which is its own kind of risk. It's still plenty usable, I just didn't find it all that strong compared to other melee weapons except spears. Did you use any particular tactics? Also, I got really sick of the zapping particles and sound effect. Too much cartoony s
  5. I think you're looking at it too narrowly. It's not like Skyrim where armor skills increase armor value- everyone gets the same defense value. Instead, the armor skills do 3 things: 1.) Enable armor crafting 2.) Reduce the mobility/stamina penalty somewhat 3.) Increase armor durability Being able to make your own is nice, but not critical- you can loot/buy decent quality armor at any gamestage. Reducing the mobility/stamina penalties is handy, but in practice I only notice a real difference in heavy armor. Armor mods and books (I think one of the Urban Combat
  6. This is the perfect opportunity to ask a clueless question: what was/is your role in TFP? Of the 3 staff members who post in this thread regularly, you're the one I know the least about; faatal bashes the code with a hammer until it behaves, madmole does a little bit of everything, what do you get up to? Any good dev stories to share?
  7. I played Fallout 1 and 2 back in 2007-8ish, around the time FO3 came out actually. They were playable but felt very clunky. I can only imagine what it'd be like now. It seems like in retrospect, a lot of people have fond memories of Fallout 3 despite realizing its shortcomings. And hey, that's fine, I feel that way about some games too. But Fallout 3 just never charmed me. Every character and situation felt stupid, contrived, or both. And don't get me wrong, Skyrim isn't bursting at the seams with genius characters and clever writing either, but somehow it wasn't a deal-breaker fo
  8. No Man's Sky in 2020 is No Man's Sky done (mostly) right. Still won't be for everybody, though. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with BGS games. I like the Elder Scrolls games a lot, but I can't stand their Fallout titles. Seems weird, since they have so much in common, but there it is. Loved Morrowind. Liked Oblivion a lot, hated Fallout 3. Loved Skyrim, loved New Vegas (not developed by BGS so it doesn't count.) Hated Fallout 4. Not going anywhere near 76. I guess something about the way they do post-apocalyptic just puts me off.
  9. Nah, 12,000 polygons is no sweat for a computer nowadays. It's like the difference between moving your finger 1mm or 12mm. So unless you're trying to play this on like a PS2 or something, I wouldn't worry too much about the polygon count. Now (to paraphrase MM) if some modder made a 12,000 polygon coffeemaker and some genius decided to build 500 of them in his base, yeah, that'd be trouble. But under normal circumstances there are only a a few screamers around at a time. There *are* performance bottlenecks regarding how Unity handles things, but I don't really understand the parti
  10. That sounds really gross. Love it! Thanks for the answer.
  11. I'm looking forward to the special infected in particular. Pipe weapons are cool too, but 7D really needs some new baddies. Could you tell us a little about some of your inspirations/influences for the specials? I realize the concept art phase is pretty early in the whole scheme so there's probably not a lot you want to share just yet, but I'm curious and it wouldn't hurt to ask. To be more speccific, are you aiming for a similar look we have to the infected right now, or do you have other aesthetics in mind? Like really leaning on the grotesque/body horror (Resident Evil or The La
  12. This is already a thing, traders have specialties. They're due for an inventory overhaul and it'll probably be more apparent once that's complete.
  13. You're making a sewer level, of all things?! Did you hit your head or something? "Yeah, let's do a sewer level, then it'll be like all those games with fun sewer levels like... uh... wait I must've gotten confused with those games with horrible unfun sewer levels such as all of them, ever." (I'm just messing around, don't take me too seriously. Although I do hate sewer levels, so it'd be pretty cool if you made a good one.)
  14. I definitely want the drone, but the wolf would be cool too. I haven't heard anything about it for ages; I have a vague recollection of someone saying it would take too much dev time they wanted to spend on other things. But I could be mistaken, and I take lengthy breaks from the game/forum from time to time, so I might have missed things. I'm still holding out hope for more advanced crafting stations, like say industrial forges that can smelt more than 2 materials at a time. They would require electricity, etc. Don't know if TFP will find time for it, but here's hoping!
  15. Not a fan of permanent degradation. It undercuts the sense of accomplishment ("good work, here's a temporary power-up!" just isn't as exciting) and discourages people from using them. The trade-off is that you potentially undercut future discoveries, like in Roland's example of how finding a blue M-60 isn't that exciting when you already have one. Speaking for myself here: I don't find that a huge problem. I'm okay if the loot hunt ends at some point, because I feel like I've made progress. It's annoying to be playing in a sandbox and have to keep re-earning all the cool toys, y'know?
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