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  1. I am testing one of the maps that appears to me and I had a first problem. I have done the first missions of creating the campfire, the stone ax, etc and when I get to the trader´s mission, I get "Locate the Trader: no Trader" The map is not marked or anything and therefore I have nowhere to go, does anyone know how to solve it? Thank you
  2. Hi I was going to start a new game but I don't know if it does not matter if I choose one of the maps that already come to me to choose or it is better that I generate a random one Thank you!
  3. I would like to be able to make a backup of the current game, but I don't know what folders I have to save. As I use the Mod Laucher, I see a folder inside 7D2D called "Saves" and there it is "Ravenhearst" and in two folders related to the game I have active: - Ravenhearst 5 5 Final A17 4 Edition - Ravenhearst 5 5 Final A17 4 EditionLocal Would these two folders be the ones to save? The problem has arisen because playing the console has given an error when loading a "chunk". I got an error in red. I have been able to continue playing but my base has literally erased a good part of it
  4. Problem solved, or so I think. If I keep pressing the "F" with the mining helmet on, a menu appears in which I can choose the light: mining helmet or the "laser light", which I think is a mod that I have put little to the crossbow and that until now I didn't know what I was doing because I didn't see anything. The fact is that I choose the light of the mining hull and the light appears again.
  5. A bug has appeared to me when creating a military helmet and adding the mod with the flashlight. I tried it and it didn't turn on, I guessed it would be a bug, I put on my mining helmet and the light didn't work for me either. I tried the night vision goggles and they don't work either. Instead the motorcycle light does work. I have the light on the letter "F", and I say, no helmet or glasses is working for me, except for the motorcycle light. I tried to change the letter "F" for another, I have seen by Google people who have also had problems with the light and the solutions they put have
  6. Great news. We will wait for news of a new version of this great mod.
  7. Yes, I also have 16GB and I have already realized that sometimes it consumes all the RAM. I don't know if that's why the game sometimes hits several seconds. The same with 32GB pauses no longer occur, but it is impressive that it consumes so much RAM. I did not notice Vanila, but I do not think it consumed much less memory.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. I will try to finish all the quest lines of all weapons. I would swear that I still have to make a branch, that of cutting weapons (I don't remember what it is called now) and I will see if I can create the weapons table.
  9. Hello Has anyone ever created the weapons table? I asked a few days ago that I have come to create the three firearms diplomas, it has provided me with a new diploma, which I have used, but it tells me that I cannot make the weapons table, as if I lacked recipe or skill is it So? Do I have to upload any skills to create it or is it a recipe that I have to find? Thank you!
  10. Simply using the tools or weapons corresponding to each skill tree. And also when you find some papers that increase your level in a specific skill. There's no more.
  11. A query about firearms diplomas. I have been doing the chain of missions of each weapon and they have been giving me the diplomas, when I have had all three they have given me the final diploma that supposedly allows me to create the table of weapons, but when I have gone to do it it tells me that I do not have the recipe. Does the recipe not give you the final diploma? Do you find it out there? Is it any skill i have to upload?
  12. I have already tried it and the "cabin type elevator" works perfectly. It goes up or down from inside the cabin, it can be called from any floor without problems and the keys are the same as in the other elevators, inside the cabin, I use the numeric keypad to choose the floor and press the "E". To call it from any floor use the "E" (although it already tells you when you approach) I liked the other elevator, the 3x3 platform type, but since I cannot call the elevator from the main module, it is as if I did not detect it (the message does not appear on the screen of pressing the "E" to call
  13. You're right, thanks for the help you have to use the numeric keypad to select the floor and then press the "E" so that the elevator goes up or down. I feel a little silly for not having tried that, but anyway, it says nothing about how to use it. Although it is also true that the elevator of the type "3x3 ground" or similar does not seem to work the module "ground" when the elevator is not (for being on another floor). It doesn't allow me to call the elevator, or choose a floor or anything. If I go to look for the elevator, I place myself on top of it and I lower / upload the module "3x3 g
  14. Thanks for the invitation, but my English is bad (I am using Google to translate) and it will cost me to make a conversation. After telling me that it is a mod, I have looked a little more out there, and I have noticed that in this same forum there are threads that talk about it and it seems that in the A17 these elevators no longer work because you need SDX that already It is not supported. I don't know if I understood it well or not and I really don't know what SDX is. The case is that the elevator type cabin if at least I can call it from both heights, which with the 3x3 elevators and
  15. Hello, Can anyone explain to me how electric elevators work? I mean the 3x3 elevator, 4x4 elevator, etc. Without knowing, I tried to make myself a 3x3 ground elevator and then the part that is supposed to be the floor where you want it to stop. I have put the 3x3 ground on the ground (it seems obvious) and the other parallel at a certain height that the game takes me as floor 2. The fact is that from the 2nd floor I can call the elevator, but from below, from the elevator ground I can't call the elevator. He doesn't do anything, nor does he tell me I'm missing something, it just doesn't
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