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  1. Ok, adding a T_Mesh_B tag on the object with the collider seems to have resolved this problem. I'm not entirely sure this is the correct tag since I have only seen this tag mentioned for objects that need interaction. However, that's a minor detail since it doesn't appear to have any other effects.
  2. Moving on from doing things with existing blocks and fixing other stuff, I'm no trying to create my own blocks. Everything went well, except for one little detail: I can't seem to damage them. I've checked other blocks but nothing looks immediately related. The objects do have proper collision boxes because they do prevent me from hitting the ground blocks. So either I missed something less obvious in the block definition (see below) or maybe something needs tagging in Unity. A hint would be appreciated!
  3. Thanks. At least that's clear. One more for the wishlist next to adding more paints.
  4. I've been trying (and searching), but haven't been able to find a definitive answer to it. Is it possible to create new paintable shapes in a modlet? Alternatively, is it possible to scale or offset the standard in game shapes?
  5. Ehvis

    Guppycur's Modlets

    You can leave the dimension alone and fix it with the ModelOffset property as well. That way you won't be able to place blocks inside your door. Good thing to know is that the default model offset (when the property is not there) is "0,0.5,0". You need to add 0.5 for the first or last offset if the dimension is 2 (or maybe even all even dimensions). So for this particular door it's "0.5,0.5,0". For the spinning door it was "0.5,0.5,0.5".
  6. Have you installed the mod in your client as well? As far as I know, only XML files are pushed to the clients by the server.
  7. I'm working from Linux, so I didn't hesitate to take the multi platform one. I also switched to using the tutorial package and using Unity 2019.4 (the first version available for the file version), but that gives me version errors when loading the resource in the game. Edit: Well, managed to dig up 2019.1.1f1 as the closest version and that one seems to work without issues.
  8. Thanks! That did the trick. That's something information worthy of a pinned FAQ because regular searches appear to only find outdated stuff.
  9. If they are, then where has the export option to a unity3d file gone?
  10. I have basically zero knowledge of Unity, but I wanted to check how hard it would be to create some basic asset geometry for mods. However, it turns out that the assetbundles that are used have been deprecated since 18.2 and that you can't export those any more. The Unity docs refer to a demo package that includes the assetbundle support, but I can't find anything about exporting. How should you do this now if you're starting from scratch?
  11. That is some fantastic modelling. Are they your own work or existing assets? Either way, the only thing that could possible be improved is to have the water surface to have some animated waviness because now it really feels like a mirror.
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