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  1. Very nice. I like the red brick interior. Reminds me a little of the Railroad HQ from FO4.
  2. Very nice~ The base is definitely 12 x 12. I used some clever construction techniques to get all the crafting stations to fit. The crafting stations go right up to where you'd think to place a wall. The actual wall is the ramp blocks overhanging the pit, part of the pillboxes. Another thing I did to make for more room is make the wall opposite all the crafting stations out of iron sheets. That's why the base looks more roomy than one might expect it to. Heh, Special K. I like it. For those that missed the original post, here's two of the screenshots from it.
  3. I'd love to see some screenshots at some point!
  4. Thanks for the info~ I hope Prime mentions his stream in discord again. I'm not usually paying attention to anything outside of that, and Hated's run has been entertaining.
  5. MM, Will the M60 eventually have some sort of sight/scope mods available or will iron sights be the only option for that weapon for balance purposes? Asking on behalf of my Fortitude build buddies.
  6. It really is. Got twice the amount of xp as everyone else during the Bloodmoon, but committing so much time to building/crafting meant everyone else in the group is still a little bit ahead in levels.
  7. "Demolisher!" That's what they were called. XD Thanks. We could not remember and there were at least four different suggestions that all proved to be incorrect. I think we had at least three Demolishers during this bloodmoon. Don't think it was more than that and they all came pretty early.
  8. That base construction was definitely a group effort. This particular game we're playing on all default settings, no mods or cheats. Next game we plan to up the difficulty. We just got through our Day 21 Bloodmoon and boy did the difficulty ramp up from Day 14. On Day 14 it was a cake walk, blade traps taking everything out before the night was over. Day 21... that was another story. We were fighting the undead right up until morning. The base still performed quite well, but by the end of the blood moon 3 of the 44 blade traps had been disabled, and all of them were at least a little damaged. We had one Oh-hek! moment in the first sixty seconds of the Bloodmoon that took us completely by surprise. One of those new zombies (none of us can remember what they're called) swam through the blade traps and punched a hole in one of the concrete pillars. I was on repair duty and it hadn't occurred to me to bring any blocks to replace potential holes. I only had repair materials on me. Had to scramble back upstairs to grab some blocks. Good news is that no zombie actually got into the basement. I've since upgraded the entire basement with steel, including the pillars. In A 17 the zombies didn't target them so it's nice to see they're smarter about that. Nice try, undead, but we're eating your brains this time. Before - Moments before the Bloodmoon started During - Note the wet concrete pillars After - All of my kills were from the blade traps. Finally managed to catch up in levels with the rest of the group.
  9. It took out the day 14 bloodmoon horde no problem, though I don't recall what gamestage we were at. There wasn't any damage to the walls and the blade traps only required some minor repairs. Loving that I no longer need to have all the various crafting parts in my inventory to repair them. Using only steel really simplifies repairs, in a good way. Our day 21 bloodmoon is just around the corner. I'll be sure to check the gamestage and see how it holds up. Unless our evening session gets rescheduled I should have an update tonight.
  10. Glad you like it~ We too are using plate blocks by the drawbridge. They're just the wooden ones, but painted to look like steel.
  11. Almost identical shots. Didn't notice it until you pointed it out. 48 blade traps total. We barely managed to get them finished by day 14.
  12. Part 2/2 Crafting (1.5th) Floor 1 - Walkway above crafting stations leads to second floor. Crafting (1.5th) Floor 2 - Ample drop-off chests for quick inventory dump. Crafting (1st) Floor Safe - Group income is higher than expenses. Extra dukes get stored here. Basement Floor - Generators/wires hidden beneath floor. Blocks primarily targeted by undead reinforced to steel. Plenty of sight lines for shooting/looting during bloodmoon. Garden (2nd) Floor - Under construction garden on top floor. House Husband - Yours truly.
  13. Finally got around to taking those screen shots of my group's A18 base. Outside 1 - Main building has a 12 x 12 footprint. Outside 2 - Blade trap moat is 6 blocks wide for a total base footprint of 24 x 24. Crafting (1st) Floor 1 - All crafting stations, one of each except for forges which we have two of. Basement hatch next to cooking station. Crafting (1st) Floor 2 - Stairs hidden behind crafting stations. Four switches on one wall for blade trap pit: one for each quadrant. Crafting (1st) Floor 3 - Storage containers all labeled. Crafting (1st) Floor 4 - A few clever construction techniques used to maximize floor space for crafting floor. Will post part 2/2 soon.
  14. Perhaps it could be set that the XP received for a zombie kill is divided by the number of players that benefit from the XP?
  15. The solo permadeath game I'm currently playing on Insane/Nightmare is going well so far. Gonna go up against my first Bloodmoon soon. I'm certain my INT build will suffice. By day 8 I'll have all of these uncultured undead reciting Shakespeare.
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