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  1. Thanks man will test it out!
  2. I wouldn't mind the invisible zombies / animals so much if they uncloaked on attack. The copter zombie desperately needs a hit box increase, I'm shooting at the engine and 9 times out of 10 that doesnt score a hit.
  3. The game has bigger problems like an unfinished quest system, lack of mobile quest NPCs, lack of factions and general gameplay loop repetitiveness. But yeah, sure, lets have the devs focus on making the grass look nice. All I want is bandits and better questing (an actual storyline) introduced into the game. Graphical improvements can go on the developer backburner for all I care.
  4. Hey, quick question - does this mod change the way Screamers work or is it an Alpha 19 change? Right now, a Screamer does it's "horde call" special scream and the horde either comes after a solid minute or two or it doesn't come at all.
  5. About <property name="ReplaceMaterial0" value="itemmodeffects/materials/melee_fire"/> - in the entityclasses.xml mod file, it says that and not the bat_fire version.
  6. Just did another test - with this mod on and War3zuk's AIO overhaul, I got a NullException even after turning the game on and off - removing your mod cleared the exception upon restarting the game.
  7. Did that, options for max zombies / animals are still not appearing.
  8. Been playing without this mod for a couple of hours and no NullException errors so yeah, I really don't know what caused it. I remember encountering it for the first time while breaking glass in a POI that I was doing a quest in - the big fire vulture spawned behind me and killed me because of the exception.
  9. His mod is loaded before yours but for some reason the options don't show up in the main menu. Can I manually combine your windows.xml and his? Is there a guide to do that somewhere?
  10. Another NullException that gets generated is when I get a Big Fire Vulture to spawn - its impossible to close the console. I'm using War3zuk's AIO overhaul if that matters. P.S Got a Big Fire Vulture to spawn through the entity menu - no error. Later on I just randomly got that outta the blue while playing.
  11. Can the Max Zombies / Animals Settings modlet by KhaineGB be included into this mod?
  12. Does the Max zombies modlet work with A19 stable? I installed it through the mod launcher but it doesnt appear in the options for an existing world or a new world. Using War3zuk's AIO a19 overhaul
  13. Oh, so it's 7D2D just normally being an unoptimized piece of @%$*#!. Gotcha, thanks, will try to start another game and see if the lag disappears after a few minutes.
  14. Hey, just wanted to troubleshoot something. Alpha 19 stable came out and I saw that you have updated your mod - i've installed a new copy through the mod launcher and installed the mod on top of it. Everything is ok until I enter the game - the lag that happens when the world is still loading for the first time is normal but unlike previous alphas this continues forever and its actually even worse than previous alphas. Turning down my settings didn't help. Is this caused by the mod?
  15. Any idea where I can download it for Alpha 18? Trying to play Ravenhearst 6.4.2 for Alpha 18.
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