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  1. Populate the entitygroups Do you mean just add these to the entitygroups when you say populate? I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff.
  2. Great modlet..but how can you tease us like that...Darth Vader...Stormtroopers....AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Interest piqued.
  3. Now when i start there is just a Chest Paper and all I can do is drop it. Unable to read it ordo anything with it actually. It's just a sack in my hand.
  4. I need help with the Awakening. I don't receive a quest at the beginning and I'm unsure as to how it starts? Tried with a existing save and a new game.
  5. Love the map and have been playing it every time I log on. With the newest download number 7 there seems to be some prefabs missing such as bigcanyon because when I load up I receive the red notifications stating items are missing so they are left off. It seems to be the last few prefabs in the prefab.xml.
  6. You should be proud as this is amazing work. Having so much fun exploring your world. Kudos!!
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