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  1. To clarify, I went in with about 75% food bar, came out with about 70~, never hit 100%. So to be perfectly fair, yes, if I ate all the items at the same time they may have hit over 25%, but getting them all in one PoI and eating them as I went, I never got a total of 25% gain. This was also a food specific PoI (shamway foods store) to get as many as 7 canned food items from one PoI, and considering the limited number of food PoI's, looting that limited source PoI should net a gain in resources. Not every PoI should net a gain in any given aspect. Looting a shotgun messiah should gain you ammo/weapons, but cost you food/repair kits/etc. So a food specific PoI, that offers as many as 7 food items in one clear should be a positive for food, and lose out on ammo/repair kits/etc. --end response I think once you get to "endgame" knuckles they are.... ok with 5/5/5, a few brawler magazines, drugs and beer, at least as much as any melee weapon. However that's not really what I'm asking to be adjusted. It's mostly the early experience where they cost too much hunger before you have a farm / reliable foodsource, don't have a source or stockpile of beer, and don't have the armour rating or healing items yet to be in the close quarters they demand. Every other melee option is far superior to knuckles early because they do more damage per hit, more dps, and have safer ranges to engage at. knuckles 'immunize' targets (head hits with knuckles prevent zombie infection), but I don't think this is enough to offset just how weak they are in other regards. So I think they just need a little... nudge. Maybe that's in the form of a faster TTK to reduce their close quarters weakness, or maybe something else to address their early weaknesses. I get it's not a large concern as the majority of the player base aren't hardcore players and tend to play the long game rather than have a lot of restarts, so the early stats don't matter near as much. But I think it's something that can be made better, and if so, why not?
  2. I've been doing a number of world starts trying different setups with knuckle wraps / early fortitude build, and they just... really fall flat every time. I've tried with varying levels in brawler, iron gut, and flurry of blows. I'm wondering if other people have tried it and how their experience has been. Statistically, knuckle wraps are *very* bad. They are slower, have less regular attack damage, lower durability, have less range, and higher stamina cost than a stone axe. Even with level 3 into brawler, a stone axe can still easily out perform knuckle wraps unless you happen to find some beer. And I don't consider a stone axe a benchmark to be reached by an offensive weapon. I personally think they need some love. Low damage is fine (a couple points more would be nice), and low range makes sense for an "endurance" fighter style. However the biggest problem is since they require so many hits, they annihilate your hunger bar. Which it is not that easy to manage hunger in the first week (7 canned items didn't refill a quarter of my hunger, and it took more than that to clear the PoI to get those canned goods). I'm not sure I agree with so much of knuckles power requiring beer. Beer being a buff for it is fine, but for them to be useless without it isn't great either. It really feels like knuckles were balanced completely around always having beer to chug. I'd myself like to see them get a little bit more damage per quality level (even just 2 points on average would be great - take some of the power from beer and put it into the base weapons would be my preferred route here). Alternatively make them faster (I'm not sure why it's faster to do an overhand chop with an axe than it is to jab something with your fist), and something to make them consume less hunger to make them a bit more viable vs. even the wooden club (the stone spear being the OP opening choice is fine, there should be an OP choice for those that want it).
  3. I get that gamestage has multipliers, and that multipliers can be adjusted. But what I'm looking for is not to multiply the gamestage, but to accelerate its rate of growth. I'm not just looking to make the game harder overall, but to make it accelerate to an "impossible" point. Make it so the difficulty *will* overtake you, with settings so it can happen fairly quickly. With a difficulty multiplier, the gamestage will only ever be 3.5x what it would normally be. The system I would instead want would be say grow by x per day. So 1x on day one, 1.5 on day two, 2 on day 3, by day 7 it would be 4.5x more advanced than it would normally be, by day 14 8x more advanced than it would normally be. So it creates an endpoint. The game will get to the point that you *can not* keep up - and you can adjust where that endpoint would occur, then try to beat it - try to survive that "impossible" night. An adjustable growth rate would allow me to play out a scenario where I can still gather early, but the difficulty is going to ramp to the point where I have to decide with my playstyle should I be spending time trying to make a more defensible base (because *maybe* with 100% investment I could get to concrete in time), or should i spend time trying to get ammo, spend time trying to retrofit a PoI, what's the most efficient base design I can make with the resources I can gather. Should I try to get a cobblestone base, or multiple disposable wood bases and I hop from one to another. Right now with progression, once you get past the first horde night, it's just about making a fortress. You're not really pressed for design or material choices because you've already passed the first check of the first horde night. the game is going to keep going in a linear style so that your progression will keep at least matching the horde. So again, not a base multiplier, but an "accelerator", or "growth" option where difficulty keeps going up faster and faster. Setting it to a horde every night doesn't work either, as you don't get the early gathering stage, and the horde is still linear. I just started a new world with a horde every night, no xp bonus (since nightly hordes should provide tons of xp), and reduced loot to try to create a more limited world. But a growth option would be so much nicer.
  4. One thing I would like for balance is to have an adjustment for gamestage rate. Allow me to explain: I can appreciate the slower leveling and long term gameplay recent updates have gone for, and I think it's great for a large number of players. Myself however, prefer the idea of burning hot. To me when I want to launch the game, I'm thinking "Seven days to die", not "seventy days to die" or "one hundred and seventy days to die". I play hardcore, when my character dies - that's it. I delete the world, and move onto the next attempt. So the current approach of stretching things out over 100+ hours isn't really what I'm in for. At that point, it's just not fun to me - I'm not interested in softcore (no disrespect to those that are). A lot of deaths in seven days to die are.... not fantastic deaths. It's actually pretty rare I go down with a fighting chance, it's usually due to a momentary mistake. This is perfectly cool with me, not a problem at all. However these mistakes can happen on day 4, day 24, or day 74. So I get 40+ hours in, die and need to restart. Ok, no problem. Now... it's 20 hours before I really get basic operation going (forge, crafting, basic mining, and some sort of looting setup). This gets tedious redoing these long stretches just to get back to what feels like a "baseline". Right now, the solution might seem like "increase experience gain to accelerate the game". Which I do. I set XP to 200%, and progression feels good for this kind of restart heavy hardcore play - as far as skills are concerned. But what I'm finding is that I outpace the gamestage far too fast. Increasing the difficulty doesn't change this, as increasing the difficulty just adds a base multiplier to gamestage - the curve gamestage follows remains the same. I'd love it if I could start the game day 1 and it's easy, time to get some quick looting in, and establish myself. By day 5 I'm encountering ferals in buildings, by day 7 maybe see some cops, by day 14 I should maybe see a demolisher, and day 21 should be a right nasty horde. Right now I can spend an entire day shooting arrows into the air and trying to catch them and still be fine for the next horde night. Is it optimal to waste an entire day? No. But is every single day's efficiency required? Also no, the game plays far too slow. I prefer a style where every decision matters. Should I rush the PoI faster and take more risks, or pick PoI "b" over PoI "a", is going to the trader really worth the time investment right now? This can only in a minor way be achieved by shortening the days. I say in a minor way because with shorter days you're far more limited in the maps you can play as you can't travel far during light, which makes it reset heavy to get a decent spawn. What I'm trying to say is the game is moving survival to "stamina" rather than "strategy". Surviving a horde night isn't that hard, it's about being able to be prepared in time for the next one, recovering your supplies and pushing ahead before dealing with the next wave rather than simply trying to survive the wave on hand. If we could get a control that could adjust how quickly gamestage accelerates (make it a steeper curve, rather than linear progression) I think it would be fantastic. Players that like the long drawn out defense game can keep xp at 100%, and gamestage at "normal", players that want more challenge can drop xp and/or increase gamestage acceleration to "End is Nigh", and players like me that are looking for fast burns could adjust xp to 200%~ and gamestage to "Ragnarok", where surviving past day 21 would be an accomplishment rather than having an infinite world that keeps going until you get bored of it.
  5. This. I don't see it under current bug reports or known issues. Certainly this isn't intended. If I'm no longer holding ADS with manual ADS, regardless of what events are taking place, I shouldn't be in ADS. This is my biggest problem with the hunting rifle. Other than that, I'd love it. I wanted to make an entire playthrough revolving around it, but this was just too much when you're not inside of your base on BM night.
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