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  1. When you figure out the right places to loot (I've heard its dressers, etc) and get your loot skill up then finding backpacks to increase your inventory is not so bad. I've had a friend find 3 backpacks in just one evening. I think he was around level 76. He gave them to me. I was level 12 of 15 and still had 17 slots closed off. Each of those last 3 BP's gave 3, 4, and 5 slots. With 5 slots that remain locked out by design. I've also found that Air Drops have about a 50% chance for a BP. Rather than play around with config files, just use a cheat code to give the Small Backpack item. That should work.
  2. If you have an older computer with limited graphics memory (I have a GTX 970 w/ 4Gb mem) and "only" 16Gb of memory, then you may struggle with getting the game to load consistently at start up. I run half textures and have reduced my view radius slightly and once the game has loaded it is running >14Gb of memory and that soon ramps up 15.2Gb where I start getting lag spikes from constant memory garbage collection. Right now I've got about a 50% startup success rate on the mod. If you have two monitors then I highly recommend you have the task manager open and showing the graph of memory usage - if it flat-lines during game load then you've crashed/stalled. Also, just before you hit the Connect button to join a server, hit the F1 button to open the debug window - if you start seeing red text there then you've likely crashed. if that happens you'll have to hit Alt-F4 to close the app and start over. I've also had crash logs show I was out of memory even though the task manager showed I was only at 14Gb usage and should have had 2Gb free - not sure what's going on there. I think I'm just going to have to buy more memory as I really like this mod.
  3. I created the weapons table under 5.4. It's hard to remember now, but it was something like your situation. I got a new diploma and used it. I think this unlocks access to the specialty firearms skill at the bottom of the Pistol category. Later I finished some other quest line I think and THAT unlocked the ability to build the weapon table. Actually, I think it was from completing the ALL weapons chapter which includes blunt, blade, bows, etc.
  4. Yes, but the refills seem to be bugged....um, pun intended! lol. You would expect the refill recipe to be the trap + beer, so that you don't have to use another water jar in the initial crafting. But instead the recipe is trap + 10 insects. Which makes no sense as I sometimes don't get 10 insects OUT of the trap. So I just scrap them and start a new trap.
  5. The mod launcher has the option (defaulted to true I think) to store the save game in the same folder tree as the mod. Something like: D:\7D2D\Saves\Ravenhearst\Ravenhearst 5 5 2 Final A17 4 Edition\ Otherwise, you need to look in the vanilla save folder on your system drive like: \Users\YourProfile\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\SavesLocal\ Hope that helps.
  6. Isn't there a Theater schematic of some kind? Maybe you need that. I don't think I've ever found it. You might try asking on the Ravenhearst discord. Or you might try a YouTube video - i think I watched part of one on electrical that was talking about the TV.
  7. Sorry 'bout that. When I next loaded the game and searched the skill tree I couldn't find any mention of the Lab Table there. It is also not a schematic. And yet when I search on the Lab Table recipe, I can see it listed. Perhaps that's what it was, the recipe unlocks once you have the Weird Science quest. You have to watch out with quests and make sure you don't start them when your inventory is full - you can lose important items that way. It seems like when I started that quest, it gave me something. Some item with an icon that looked like colored test tubes maybe? I originally thought it was a component to something, but if you have such an item then try to read it. Maybe that's what unlocked the Lab Table recipe. I think the quest itself starts with build the Lab Table, then outfit the table, etc. So eventually you're going to need a scalpel, microscope, and something else - sorry haven't finished that quest yet.
  8. I get the same blurry textures with ground - ran across some notes on the Ravenhearst Discord that suggested that you can solve that by turning off texture streaming if you have a decent PC (I suspect that includes at least 16Gb of memory) I have 16Gb in my system and found I was still having problems running short on memory so I turned my textures down to half-size and that helped. I'll try turning off texture streaming tonight and see how that goes. (Update: If you turn off texture streaming you'll have to turn your textures down to quarter-size unless you have more than 16Gb of mem - I started with 3.7Gb used, the game pushed my system to 15.9Gb used and the game load just stalled out - I finally hit Alt-F4 to kill it. Surprisingly the game didn't look bad with textures set that way - then I got busy playing the game and forgot to check the dirt to see if it was blurry! lol. ) Wooden buildings have wooden frames and when you take them apart that will get you bent nails. Destroying kitchen appliances (microwave, toaster, blender) will put that item into your inventory (needed for the Appliance Table). Deconstructing (preferably with a wrench) plumbing and mechanical "stuff" will get you pipes, mech and electrical parts, screws, etc. Chairs and zombie dogs are great for animal hides and leather. Window blinds and "flat" trash can get you plastic. Getting crowbars for retrieving the extra parts out of vehicles - try air drop crates. Some stuff only seems to start dropping as loot when you get to a high enough gamestage/level. Or maybe I just had to have my loot skill (main Adventurer skill) high enough. Also, iron/stainless/tungsten tools get you more types of resources from trees and stone. Tree sap, bees, higher level ores, etc.
  9. For the Weird Science quest, and trying to get the Lab Table. I think I ran into that same issue. Trying to remember....I think maybe I had to get level 2? of the Trademen skill "Yeah, Science".
  10. I'm still on a 5.4 server. I see zinc and copper have been added back to the badlands in 5.5 - um, what are they used for? Also, in 5.4 I think 1x oil shale gave 2 fuel. Now that looks to be flipped in 5.5 - so that's like a 400% decrease in fuel production, right? And on top of it, some/all of the vehicles now burn more fuel? And fuel pumps can spawn broken? That seems a very heavy change. Is that adjustable in file settings somewhere? Because it now sounds like you are going to spend half your time mining oil shale or stick to bicycles, eh?
  11. If you bust boulders you should get some coal. At least you did on 5.4. Never seen hornets. Vultures and ravens (my vet friend tells me they are really crows, as Ravens apparently look and sound completely different) are good for feathers. I regularly shoot them down with a crossbow/bow. Bears are tough, but you can generally hear them before you see them. Get some sneak skills! I have no idea how you'd map them out though.
  12. There is a skill in the Survivalist line, 2nd from the bottom, that will let you use a scythe and this will get you two from each crop (and 2 from plains grass too.) I skipped the fertilizer and just planted a big farm. Takes a while to roll the crops over into more seeds though to ramp up. Also, I found that the composter has to have line of sight to the sky to work (had to do it for the quest). I'm on 5.4 so I think I can add fertilizer to existing crops, but the 5.5 patch notes mention combining fertilizer with seed and then planting it for double speed growth. I recommend starting with blueberries and mix in tree seeds for survival mix. Or do a microwave soup like mushroom, tomato, etc. Although I think it takes more ingredients now - used to be just 4 of one crop. Next find those Sham sandwiches (is it potatoes and onions?) and do Sham Chowder - really nice health buff. Or start with corn, then you can do corn bread and Fish tacos with some canned salmon. I eventually just made tons of vegetable soup so I didn't have to bother with meat.
  13. Yeah, those last 9 inventory slots. I was told by someone they could be opened up with armor mods that add pockets - but I've seen no recipes for armor pocket mods - nor has anyone else on my server. Very, very high end drops? I'm at lvl 155 and gamestate 350+ and still no idea. I think perhaps the devs thought the inventory was too big so reduced it down. Or the math was just wrong - you had 10 upgrades and 9 extra slots - if there had just been one more then every backpack activated could have just given one more slot. Can't be that - seems like it would be easy enough to code a check against the max number of slots. Perhaps they are for a future mod or expansion - maybe in 5.6?
  14. Mine stone - with an Iron or better pickaxe I think. Then Steel will get you Tungsten and Tungsten will get you chromium - well, on 5.4.13 that is. I saw something in the 5.5 patch notes about swapping stainless steel with tungsten so maybe that last part is reversed now.
  15. Is there any way to pickup a vehicle? (Other than a bicycle) Or to relinquish ownership which is attained by placing the vehicle on the ground? I've noticed that if I coded-lock a vehicle and give teammates my code they can't access the vehicle storage. Perhaps a button can be added to the Open-Menu to clear ownership? Or a tool created that will dismantle a fully repaired vehicle into its recipe parts and then reassembled back at the auto workbench? Then a teammate could place the vehicle and become the owner.
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