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  1. yes i did...nothing works...its a bug from the game ..they f****d up this alpha...since alpha 16 i dinind had any problems with the game until now...
  2. with that at least you can play...but with the wrn no block you cant...the houses are full with hollow blocks you cant see anithing...you have to restart the game enter again play 5 min or go 3-4 houses far from the restarted place and the hollow blocks are back
  3. tpf they know abauth the wrn no block (hollow block) and they went stable and that s**t its stil not fix....awsome team...2 months since they know the wrn no block and they did nothing to fix it ....great team :@:@....for those who says delet the game etc...i did that and deleted all 7 days files and nothing wrn no block still in the game....i have to wait for alpha 20 maybe they wil fix then....thank you fun pimps for the great job..
  4. Someoane nows when they gona update for the next build ? i have wrn hollow blocks on b173...maybe the next build i can play
  5. thats the reason i made the video...since first time appeard this error for me ive tried a lot of things and just this seems to work and i sa on forums that a lot of people have this bug and there are some who is new to game and with the video its easier for them to fix the problem
  6. thx for the info:D.......only this way its pleyable the game...or reload it evry 5-10 mins...for me it took the reload trick until i walked 2-3 houses far from the reload point and the phantom blocks appeard back at other houses...i think its a rendering bug
  7. Press F1 and tipe ( pois ) and it wil remow the phantom blocks.....this is the only thing that seems to work....its better than reload the game evry 5-10 mins
  8. i wil try...thx for the info
  9. it fixes for me too until i move 2-3 houses far from the reload point..then it starts to appear at other houses....i thinck its some rendering bug ive tried evryting ....i even loverd the grass to half from bioms xml for better performance but but doesent help...only the fun pimps can fix this s***t...they ruined the game with this build....until now it worcked better than ever
  10. poi ...its not worcking in the console
  11. same problem for me...if i reload the game it works only for the houses near where i reloaded if i go 2-3 houses far from the reload point it starts to appear that s***t......from the reload its only changes houses for me
  12. after i posted here i started to search and yea a lot of people have this bug and they cant do anithing to fix it...only way to exit the game and reload it but it fix only the house near the character...then it appears to other houses...its prety anoying to reload the game evry 5 - 10 minutes...
  13. i have a lot of those Wrn bugs...if i walk around in all the cityis that i have on the map i think 40 % i have to remove from the game...thx for the advice ...il wait and hope that they wil fix it for the next build....until then no 7 days...
  14. we already tried 3 times but its still the same....when generets the world dosent gives that error or wrn or what is that...when we enter the game and walk arround in the game in the citys then its stars...first its with cant load damaged sedan and after 1 min the rest and we ghet those fantom blocks....thx for the sugestion....we have to wait for the next build and hoping that they will fix it until then no 7 days to die...only alpha 18...
  15. yes....first time i deleted all 7 days files ...saves all that was with 7 days then reinstald ....its from the game... me and my friends didint had this bug until now.....with this b173 its the first time ...
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