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  1. Sooooooo...... When can we expect you talented dudes to have us a working A18 version? I'll need to request time off from work lol
  2. I have 100 blunt skill and made a tungsten sledgehammer. It was 120. When I went to repair it, it went down to 117. In previous builds it didn't lose quality when at max skill. Did something change? Is repairing based on Construction skill now? My construction is only at 75. Doesn't seem right.
  3. First of all. I freaking love this mod. The grind and difficulty is much needed after playing vanilla forever. I finally completed all my gun classes and crafted the firearms certificate to get access to the weapons bench. Well, it still won't let me craft the bench and I really need it. All my guns are about dead and I'm low on parts. Am I missing something?
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