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  1. This will run like ass but ok.. Things to consider: - You need to adjust your cell sizes at the top of the rwgmixer.xml to accommodate such a large city or town. You will need to test this until the city generates and can still fit connecting roads and the other parts of the cell. - I would adjust the offset also, down to 0.2 or something since you don't have a lot of room with a city that is 80% of a cell size. - You will need to adjust the mix of buildings in the prefab ruleset it calls since it'll need to be able to repeatedly place buildings over and over to fill it. Remove any "max count="1"' type stuff or keep adjusting the counts up until the city fills up. Create a new hub rule, whether this is for all cities or just 0,0 <hub_rule name="damnthiscityisabigCity"> <hub_type value="city"/> <width value="1414, 1414" /> <height value="1414, 1414" /> <path_material value="asphalt" /> <path_radius value="7" /> <prefab_rule name="wastelandHub" prob="1"/> </hub_rule> Reference the hub rule up top in the Cell rules etc, and you are good to go. (Or just change wastelandHub to be huge.. either way) Did I mention this will run like ass?
  2. It is without doubt that you have done something wrong on your end, it is just a question of what. The possibilities are that you have incorrectly named the rwgmixer.xml, or not placed the files in the correct folder structure. Since it is very straight forward to use this pack I advise you simply review your /prefabs folder and your /config folder and ensure you are creating a new random gen game and not navezgane or something by accident.
  3. They still work mostly from what I can see.. I used Hal's prefab editor.
  4. @Magoli - Ok mate, converted over to use your latest pack, as well as introduced my modded cityblocks. I'm liking the new look personally Can download the rwgmixer as well as the new cityblock prefabs from my mod thread.
  5. These are areas that will only improve if you provide feedback to the devs about it. I don't see much conversation about this in the announcement threads and the devs mostly do not spend any time elsewhere so best to bring it to their attention there.
  6. That is exactly what I did. Check it out. <prefab_rule name="cityBlocks"> <prefab name="rg_waste_hub_blk_quartered"/> <prefab name="rg_waste_hub_blk_half"/> <prefab name="rg_waste_hub_blk_t"/> <prefab name="rg_waste_hub_blk_full"/> </prefab_rule> <prefab_rule name="townBlocks"> <prefab name="rg_town_hub_blk_quartered"/> <prefab name="rg_town_hub_blk_half"/> <prefab name="rg_town_hub_blk_t"/> <prefab name="rg_town_hub_blk_full"/> </prefab_rule> Because I can't tell the new modded blocks only to appear in towns I have the idea for another approach. If I mod them to use terrainfiller and take on the ground of the biome I might be able to use them in cities or towns. Then it is just the building mix and size characteristics that determines a town. The downside is that you get decals that are like a city and you lose the ability to do town specific block details like property fences. The problem is as I said in the above post - perhaps not too clearly - is that the game specifically reads the rwgmixer.xml to look for "CityBlocks" and does not apply the same grid building mechanic for "townBlocks". This has caused me to rethink my approach. The city blocks will also not generate if the hub type is a town. So it is almost like I need to make another city variant that uses these modded blocks. To be honest a huge amount of possibilities would open up if I could let Kinjayuu know which parts of the rwgmixer.xml and random gen are working and get some stuff updated in the next patch but I lost my direct chat privileges after giving madmole a serve over dedicated server performance...
  7. Shamway are branching out into Liquor. Shamway Liquor, Shamway Foods, Guns.. Nukes.. Shamway Biological Warfare.... Maybe they caused the zombie apocalypse..?
  8. @Magoli, ok I have finally converted over to your latest pack so it is now compatible with my modded rwgmixer.xml. I'll be added it into my latest mod, but wanted to make it available to you early, you can get it from here. A few notes though. Cities it does extremely well. They have stores, a variety of prefabs and fill up a big city nicely. Wilderness populates properly and so does Rural in the testing I have done. The problem child continues to be towns. They rarely spawn stores properly, and do not fill up with POIs. I have done a huge amount of testing today and learned some things about the .xmls that I'll share. In the .xml file that goes with each prefabs, I have tested and discovered which options work and do not work. Zoning does nothing, it is left over from old code and it used to relate to zoning the city. <property name="Zoning" value="CityBlock" /> is what the lot type line in rwgmixer.xml is referring to: <prefab rule="cityBlocks" lot_type="CityBlock"/> This used to allow you to lay down roads and zone an area for Residential, Commercial, CityBlock etc. Now it does nothing. DisallowedBiomes does nothing. The only thing that matters is "AllowedTownships". Townships refer specifically to this part of the rwgmixer.xml: <hub_rule name="townSmall"> [color="#FFD700"]<hub_type value="town"/>[/color] <width value="246, 246" /> <height value="246, 246" /> <path_material value="asphalt" /> <path_radius value="5" /> <prefab_rule name="townSmall" prob="1"/> </hub_rule> If you make it hub type = city, it'll allow the Prefab Rule to generate city blocks using this line: <prefab rule="cityBlocks" lot_type="CityBlock"/> If you make it "town", it'll draw roads using the town method and will not allow the cityBlocks method. Rural works, the code places the POIs along a main road. Suburb does not work, and Commerical does not work. Wilderness obviously works. So the Hub type is what tells a location how to behave, whether to be a town, city, rural etc. I was going to use this to mod the city blocks and create town blocks, but I ran into issues in that there are certain parts that are absolutely hard coded and not driven by the rwgmixer.xml. For example, the game will only generate proper blocks if the prefab rule is called "cityBlocks", e.g this works - <prefab rule="cityBlocks" lot_type="CityBlock"/>, this does not - <prefab rule="townBlocks" lot_type="CityBlock"/> So the game is reading the rwgmixer.xml file but it is also hard coded to look for specific things. This means I haven't found a way to copy the city block templates and remake them as small town avenues with trees, grass etc. I got started but was unable to make them specific to towns, I did get some interesting city views though: I'll keep working on towns, I still feel there is a way to trick the city hub rule code into making a town, but what this testing tells me is the problem with towns is hard coded into the Hub type. So Hub type for town has a flaw in its code, whereas Hub type for city works correctly. This means we'll need to report this info to the devs to fix. Not much we can mod with the town hubs until it is fixed. In testing your latest pack I saw some of the POIs you had grouped together, these look REALLY good so nice work there. I may have found one mistake, or maybe you like it this way: Is there meant to be a barn here in the city? If I suddenly make a breakthrough on towns I'll shoot you through the fix, for now they'll be a bit dodgey, with lots of spare space: Best I can do for now..
  9. Easy to attack me as I've been the most vocal about this, fine. As a modder I understand what they are asking for. At the end of the day this will keep circling forever if someone doesn't just let the thread get back on track so I'll be the one to stop responding from here on.
  10. You keep referring to a "community working together" but the only people you want to work are other people. Same arguments, same accusations that we are not being nice by not using our time to mod the way you want. Let's end this right now. Who are the people capable of doing this mod work for you? Magoli, me, Laz Man, perhaps one or two others here. No one has stepped up. So is that not your answer? Or is your aim to keep making us out to be bad guys until we help you?
  11. Mate.. you are spot on, it is about a community working together.. which means to achieve something you need to put in the work. You will see all the request threads in this forum start with someone suggesting something or asking for help and people telling them HOW to do it, almost never doing it all for them. You guys have been given all the answers for how to go about this, but you keep pestering Magoli to do it for you. It is that sense of entitlement that I think is causing people to be short with you. You guys have started a new thread for this and started talking about how to achieve it. I suggest you divert your energy there. You can bring it up as many times as you like but that isn't going to change the fact that what you are asking for is a subjective culling of prefabs you don't like into a pack that suits your preferences. That's work for you and the other guys to do not Magoli, not me, or anyone else who knows how. But if people decide to help you, the other thread you guys started is where it'll happen. Hell if you leave this thread to get back to topic I'll give you guys step by step instructions on how to do what you want, but in the other thread. Heh, soooo much of the stuff we deal with modding this game comes across as illogical. Man just try working out the probability system for loot some time, or getting prefabs to spawn in towns.. Easiest way I've found is to use the rwgmixer and just load up a game. I take all the other buildings out of the city mix. Then I load up a new game and go to 0,0 (with zombies turned off) and check out the building. If it is a town, I change the 0,0 "wastelandhub" to be "LowDensity" and make the town chance 100%, then spawn town buildings in and go see them at the 0,0 town that appears. In this way you can constantly check out prefabs with little hassle. This is also the method I use to keep tweaking towns and cities to get the right mix. Responded in line to some of your Q's man.
  12. In the case of the large book store it is not the .xml but the prefab itself I think. I'm pretty sure t is too big for the city and is made for a rural area. The POIs need to be a certain size to spawn in the cityblocks.
  13. Best to just do what you are doing and wait then. I have a feeling the random gen and rwgmixer.xml will change even more when the dev who works on it gets back from his honeymoon. Any work now might be for nothing if it all changes again. For the .xmls the AllowedTownships works, allowed Biomes works. A for the rest I do not know. I do not know if zoning works, it may be a navezgane thing or just not work anymore.
  14. As Magoli said, the prefab "componist" tool he has made already has a lot of screenshots. I forgot about that, the guy really has done a lot of the work already. The rwgmixer file I released is fully documented with exactly how to remove individual prefabs. Magoli will also add documentation to his version included in the pack. You have everything you have asked for now so we look forward to what you guys create with this new pack. And apology accepted. Back to topic. @Magoli Is there a way that the prefab componist could read a directory of prefabs and output the xml needed to load them in the rwgmixer? For example, could it export the bit that goes into hub rules: <prefab_rule name="cityMixed3"> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_01(grtown-strclub-burnth-h-gar)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_02(gunst_sm-kuldlargeh-bunk)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_04(firedep-bookstore_sm_01)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_05(niceh-businesstanh-garage)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_06(simpsonh-gravey-brickh-camp-gar)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_07(guildh-restaurant-firest-xxxclub)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_08(myh-crema-gupchurch-farmsh1)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_09(grocery_sm-barn01-medclinic_sm)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> <prefab name="xcostum_Citymix_11(mpwaste08-mpwaste04grey)a12_v1" max_count="1" prob="0.3"/> </prefab_rule> Then if you can select multiple prefabs that you want to group together or even all of them to bring them into the mixer you can do it all through the prefab componist and actually visually see what types of prefabs you want.
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