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  1. Server closing, no money for dedicated and game servers are no where near enough for this @%$#ty performance.
  2. Horde every 5th day Zombies per person on bloodmoon : 12 Loot respawns every 15th day. Added server side zombies by snufkin. (will adjust hp, damage etc as we test it) Instant crafting, Instant Scrapping, Faster Bellows have been added. Traders are open 24/7 so feel free to spend horde nights there to grind experience. Server lobby idea is still in the air, i dont think i want one... instead we got 6 rare traders round the map to make use of., pvp / killing is not allowed in these traders. (Posting all server updates to discord as well).
  3. The Silent Joe's PvPvE Anarchy 500% / 300% Main Features : - PvPvE - 15 Slots - Custom Map 8K (/w pvp, reset & pve zones) and a lot of cities & towns! - High rates (500% Loot, 300% Experience gain with additional tweeks to loot.xml and more on the way). - 2 Bases (Land claim blocks) per player. - Max 3 players per group. - Upgrading performance & slots when required. - Open to suggestions to improve the experience. - Lightly modded. - Voting rewards and QoL commands. - Chat /shop with Silent Joe's Coins earned trough killing zombies. - 6 Rare trader locations with all 6 traders available at one POI. - Rare POI's with more sealed boxes and special loot. (Might get removed) More informations & rules..! - 7D2D Servers : https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90382/ - Discord : https://discord.gg/UN8DZ6ATk9
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