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  1. I feel like I should mention this, although I don't plan to use this mod. For whatever reason, using this while generating a RWG (4096 x 4096), it will say that I've spawned in (in the console), yet I'm stuck on the "generating environment" or whatever screen.
  2. yeah, but other vehicles such as the box truck don't work...
  3. so are the vehicles rendered useless iun A18 since whenever you try to place them, you get a "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error spammed in the console, forcing you to ALTF4?
  4. doesn't fix the icons, and plus, some vehicles will lock your game up by spamming an error in the console. seems like this mod will be non-functional somewhat for A18.
  5. You know, like how you can go to AppData and copy and paste a save to make a "backup"? A different way to say the question is: "What is the directory to find my BorderlandZ (which is on a new copy) save game files?"
  6. Any idea how you get access to your game saves for modpacks such as BorderlandZ?
  7. So, I have two questions. Why can't I see all of my modlets that I had already? I only see some of them, the rest being downloadable for some reason, if they even are. And, why is the uninstall button blurred out? I thought that the installer would put itself into it's own folder when extracted, but instead it just dumped it all.
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