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  1. EDIT: Moved post to this thread.
  2. If you do "sudo su" to switch into the root, doing "crontab -e" should show you the root crontab schedule. If you are having problems with scripts not running in the schedule, it might be due to the reduced environment (not having a search path to find programs when the full path is not explicit). Try adding the following in root's crontab schedule: SHELL=/bin/sh PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin # # Crontab SYNTAX: # minute(0-59) hour(0-23) day-of-month(1-31) month(1-12) day-of-week(0-6) command-to-execute # 5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/7dtd.sh start "
  3. LHammonds

    A16 Valmod Pack

    @Valmod, on your first post, you have a photobucket image that will not display in the section called "Example Install Photo:" You'll need to transfer that image to a different image host or upload it directly to this forum. I run a dedicated 7dtd server on Ubuntu Server 16.04 and have ValMod Overhaul + Compopack installed. Works just fine. When you connect to the server, each client must also have ValMod Overhaul installed. If using Compopack, that does not need to be installed on the client. LHammonds
  4. Awesome. Thanks for sharing Starvation with us. Got it installed, seems to be working. Died in 1st 5 minutes of the game. * Realistic (checked off) Sincerely, LHammonds
  5. What version of the scripts are you running? What version was the server? What operating system is the scripts running on? I did not have an issue running "7dtd.sh upgradeengine" when going from 16.2 to 16.3. LHammonds
  6. No sir. If I wrote an install script, it would likely only work for this one specific version and only in the exact way I would set it up. Since this is something VERY few people would do, I'd kinda be wasting my time doing it. This was more of an exercise in seeing if I could do it. But in a real-world scenario, I'd rather not maintain manual installs like this. I'd much rather just have a 2nd instance of the server running so that my "vanilla" server could be mostly hands-free when it comes to running and updating it. The modded server will still need to be manually updated with the mo
  7. I wonder if it would be possible at some point to "link" servers together similar to how Spigot does for Minecraft. Imagine joining a single server from the server list and it is a "hub world" where you can jump into multiple other servers via teleportation...such as one with PVP, one with PVE, etc. but everyone can chit-chat on the screen between the servers. Admins/Moderators able to handle multiple servers at one time. :-) EDIT: Sorry, thought I was in the PC "multiplayer"...good luck. LHammonds
  8. Thanks for the update. FYI - If you use 7-zip format, the 16.4 MB .zip archive can be reduced to a 5.4 MB .7z archive. Thanks, LHammonds
  9. Hmmm...that is a good question. Sure would be nice if Alloc's script could handle that but I know it is designed for a single engine with multiple instances...so if you modify XML of the engine, it affects all instances. I'll see if I can figure out the best way to setup a single server that can host multiple modded engines using Alloc's fixes...and then post back here with my documentation on how to do the same for yourself. I look into setting up the following: - vanilla engine (no mods), Navezgane map on port 25000, RandomGen map on port 25010 - modded engine, ValMod Overhaul +
  10. Well....technically yes. Install Oracle VirtualBox on the Windows Server, install Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and enjoy. ;-) Here is how I install a Ubuntu Server (long-living production-quality). Steps are pretty-much the same if installing under VMware or VirtualBox now that the virtualization tools are built into the install process. LHammonds
  11. I'm running version 106 (2016-12-08) of the scripts and the output shows the player count correctly. I then did the updatescripts: 7dtd.sh updatescripts A newer version of the scripts is available. Local: v.106 Available: v.108 Continue? (yn) y Updating... Update done. Note: This updated only script files. If the global config file /etc/7dtd.conf contains changes for the newer version or there were new files added to the user folder /home/sdtd those changes have not been applied! Now my instances are not showing up and cannot start the servers because it does not recognize the i
  12. Don't know about Starvation but here is the last A15 version of Compopack. Link will work only for a short time: COMPOPACK 24 for alpha 15 stable b105.7z (* Link Removed *)
  13. Howdy, Just thought I'd drop by and share another script I created for my server which is based on Alloc's fixes. Source: http://hammondslegacy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=213&p=508#p508 Here is a horde notification script for players which I tested on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS but should work for most other flavors of Linux since it uses Bash. Create a file such as sdtd-horde-notify.sh and set permissions on it: mkdir -p /var/scripts/prod touch /var/scripts/prod/sdtd-horde-notify.sh chown root:root /var/scripts/prod/sdtd-horde-notify.sh chmod 755 /var/scripts/prod/sdt
  14. Where is this "cp25" or "B99" version? Is that something in the pipe to be released or is it available somewhere? Only thing I see mentioned on the 1st post or in the last week of postings is cp23, b83
  15. Thank you for creating and sharing this mod. It is obvious you put a LOT of time and effort into it. The 28.016.full version looks like it is an SDX mod (since screenshots show new models). You should probably mention that on the 1st page description that SDX is required and also mention it in the install instructions. It also looks like it is for version Alpha 14.5 of 7 Days to Die but the 1st post mentions Alpha 13.6 Thanks, LHammonds English to Russian Translation (via Google): Благодарим Вас за создание и совместное использование этого мода . Очевидно, вы положили много вре
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