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  1. Just a thought, but I wish TFP's would add more diversity into the game, meaning more zombie models, some survivors/bandits, and maybe more animals, too. Maybe even more trader models? I just think it would, um, bring some more "life" into the game. I can get this from mods, but it would be nice to be in the base game someday! Just my 2 cents on a game I love to play - can't wait to play A19 myself tomorrow!!!!
  2. I tried with stable and still no go, so I think it is a mod conflict but with mods I don't want to play without, so I'll just enjoy the SMX menu and hud. Thanks for all of the help!
  3. I'll try it with stable first, then if still a problem will check out my other mods that may be doing something with what you mention. Love your iu hope I can get it to work!
  4. Okay, I'll try it with stable. Hope it works, really like this ui a lot.
  5. Thanks for this, it's fun!!!
  6. Hi - I've tried to use all four of the SMX mods but I have a problem with the SMXui/SMXuiBBM ones. First, I get a red error message about the progression.xml failing to load, but still get into the game. Second, when I click on the Skills menu, I get a red error message about a NullReferenceException and cannot use that menu. I don't know enough about modding to fix this myself and I don't think it's a conflict with my other mods (but not sure). Has anyone else seen this problem at all? By the way, I'm playing on experimental, alpha 18.4(b4). Thanks.
  7. Just wanted to say I love these mods!!! I play with the animals, humans, and zombies ones. Makes the world seem more, um, "alive"??? Heehee. Anyway, these are "must have" mods for me now. Thanks to all of the contributors.
  8. Thanks! I thought those looked cool in the game but then you couldn't do anything with them... Problem solved!
  9. Hi - I noticed when I play War of the Walkers that there are fruit trees and new vegetables spawned into the world (and new recipes for them). I can't seem to find a mod that just adds those, though. Would anyone be willing to tell me how to edit that mod down to just those elements? I've edited mods before, but they were much simpler, smaller ones... Or, maybe someone would be willing to make a mod like that for everyone? It might be strange, but I like trying to be a vegetarian in 7 days and there's not much to work with in vanilla.
  10. Amazing mod, love it. Thanks so much for making and sharing it.
  11. Hi - I can't seem to find a mod that adds fruit trees/berry bushes/more vegetables that actually spawn into the game so they can be gathered and eaten raw or cooked with new recipes. I've seen cucumbers and such in the "War of the Walkers" mod and I think tomatoes in the "Darkness Falls " mod, but no separate mod as I've described. If I'm just missing it could someone point it out to me? If not, would it be a difficult mod to create, I wonder? I've edited existing mods a little, but that's about it. Thanks!
  12. Hi - I just had to come here and thank everyone for their work on these packs. They really make the game more varied and more fun. Keep up the great work!!!
  13. MarissaX

    Butcher Mod

    Hi - I downloaded 18.3 b3 v90 option of this mod, but it looks like the new plants (fruits and veggies) don't spawn in the world. Some of the other stuff works (like getting all kinds of new stuff when butchering an animal which is cool), but not this part. Am I missing something or does it need updating to 18.3 b4 maybe? Can I do something on my end to get them to spawn? Thanks.
  14. MarissaX


    Thanks for the fix, works fine now. What a fun mod!!!
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