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  1. Is there a complete list of everything this mod does?
  2. I've seen similar issues. It seems like every once in a while a large amount of zombies spawn, but the horde only contains a single model of zombie that is appropriate for the biome.
  3. Do you have to rename the folder like the post you replied to said?
  4. Does the mod require the folder be renamed? I've rented a dedicated server, and the support staff there were kind enough to install the mod for me, but can't support me beyond that. My friend and I use the mod launcher to launch the game, and we get the modified Game Menu screen for the mod, as well as the UI changes such as for the radar, health, food, thirstiness, etc. But none of the overhaul content seems to be there. No new skills or recipes, no new items or enemies. Could that be caused by not having renamed the folder to WotW 6.0.0 Beta'? I'm not sure what folder would require that name on a dedicated server. If it would be helpful I could post a screen shot of the server directory tree.
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