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  1. Not falling on deaf ears sly just I admit don’t know much about it not pc player as I admit they are great for gaming nothing towards people who prefer so thank everyone for help educated about it a bit
  2. Ugh why have to turn into a cost building a pc conservation - - - Updated - - - Want thank sly for some useful info but then convo went building pc building thanks
  3. No have seriously shopped around for pc played one back in the day but never cared for it perfer consoles and just seen on here time and time again this game only supports mouse and keyboard for the pc could be wrong let know if I am but that definitely a deal breaker for me know saying anything those that like or perfer that just not for me - - - Updated - - - Have not seriously shopped around i mean
  4. PC is great to play if that is your preference but is game is never spend a grand just so can play it no game is that great and I hate keyboard and mouse so can’t play it on PC anyway I prefer console and hope I does get further advance on a new version or whatever but not holding breath. But have feeling they set date for it so far out that interest is lost and don’t have to pay for console port but who knows will see
  5. While this whole ordeal may tarnish there name and the console version may or may not go any further I have no way of knowing but I personally have much enjoyment from this game and glad I came to console or I never would’ve played it so hope console continues but if it doesn’t thank you fun pimps and hope works out well for you
  6. The fun pimps May have got a raw deal when TT went under but they never intended there be a console version is not a valid defense whatever they intended went out the window when they signed the contracts and allowed their game to be brought to consoles
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