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    I'm a part of the QA team. Oh, I also refer to zombies as "zack" or "zeke".. I've read a lot of Max Brooks.
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  1. Good idea man - email info@7daystodie.com and ask if you can promote your tool on the forums. As long as it doesn't change any existing code to the game, and your tool doesn't have any PayPal "donate" options in it - you should be fine.
  2. I'm a professional web developer. If you're self taught, then good on you. You were better than me when I first started out. I was more irked by the fact that a program like that does technically violate the EULA - and it was on your "home" account, leaving your privacy open to the public. Lots of similar programs have been taken off the forum for the same reasons. Long story short, I was more doing you a favor in pointing out that you had put your private life out in the spotlight, by using a sarcastic manner to highlight this. If I caused you any grief, I apologize. I think you misread the EULA - the "software" in question means 7 Days To Die, and the "create content, including but not limited to a gameplay map" means a map you created in game with in game tools (creative mode/up-and-coming world editor), not third party programs (like yours). tl;dr - glad you took down the link - if you do want to risk it, feel free to upload again, but to a free file sharing site like rapidshare or a similar service. Plus provide a virus scan.
  3. Seems like a gutterball move tossing this up in flagrant violation of the EULA. Oh, please take down that link and replace it with a rapidshare/mega.co.nz link instead - bowling ain't my thing and your javascript is shoddy at best. Oh, and please, think of the children?
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