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  1. Actually, if i may, i think something the devs that are done with A20 can do, its make a new trailer hehe id be down for that.
  2. 100% makes sense. Just thought i would ask (probably could of done so less dickishly 😛 )
  3. So i see that we have devs working on A21 stuff...why are their resources there and not on polishing up/getting bugs fixed on A20? are their skills not worth while there or can they just not help in anyway way? AKA they dont know how to fix bugs and are only designers/artists? just wondering....cause if they can fix bugs why not...would be a shame if A20 was delayed a month or so just cause you did not pool your resources in the right places at the right times then i see this lol so maybe i am right..? Welcome to the Alpha 20 Dev Diary. Here we will discuss upcoming features for Alpha 20. RELEASE TARGET: October/November
  4. @faatal Any update on how many MF's are left? ❤️
  5. Second, @faatal On the subject of voice changing, is it possible to have the voice/audio change when a certain mod is equipped? like say....when you equip it with the teddy bear head it changes to whinny the pooh, wouldn't that be a simple AND gate coding? aka if the drone speaks AND it is equipped with X mod, replace file A with file B? (not sure if DC circuitry and coding can correlate haha)(Also i've never modded 7 days so no clue what goes into that/this)
  6. @madmole or anyone on TFP, Can you make the A20 Art Gallery on the first page a clickable link to a separate forum that has all the images from past streams etc? It CAN'T just be me that I always click and sigh that is isn't a link 😛
  7. can you tell us if the audio file type change in a20 and if so (or not so im stupid and dont know what they are) let us know? can't wait to put in whinie the poohs voice
  8. Will we be able to change that ourselves easily? or will it take the effort/time similar to a mod
  9. even so, they used i believe jsut some generic unity voice. 99% sure that is the EXACT same voice for the game Ark:survivals robot that follows you in genesis,,,,,
  10. Just watched the dev stream #5 and im sorry to say, some of the drones mods/features/animations/GFX and so forth are a little...out of place. 1) Healing mod is redundant IMO. "automatically heals you" well, not really. first you gota go up to it, hold E, move over to Heal me, then go. By the time i did that i could of died from zombies. It is way simpler to just have a bandage or kit on your hot bar and scroll wheel smash. To me, just seems like a little bit of a gimmick. BUT in MP yes it is nice cause then a team mate can just walk up and do it as well. Second part is that in the stream it was said only bandages and First aid kits work, are we not able to add first aid bandages as well or is it in the coding to where if you have 2 of a HP healing item the drone would not tell which one to use? that makes sense. 2) Healing Animation: wtf is this red space swirling stuff? would be better (imo) to just have a sigh of relief audio from the player being healed, similar to when you are hot and cold how you pant/shiver or whatever. 3) Voice: simple, we dont need cortana lol 😛 give us MADMOLE LOL
  11. Same. i read from sorcery mod that it just says book 2 stay tuned and someone mentioned an update/release for a20. any truth to that?
  12. Question: not sure if answered, but are Pipe weapons considered Tier 0 weapons?
  13. i got a 2080 and 3440x1440. MAX settings is around 40-50FPS average and 20 during spikes. Unity just doesn't like Ryzen processors. tested it by just going to another pc with the same card etc but with an i7 equivalent processor, got 20+fps average. its insane
  14. i have a similar monitor 34in alienware 21:9 ultra wide 3440x1440p or whatever. I dont know what you are talking about, but whenever i play any game thats not ultra wide i just get more screen. ex: League of Legends. I just get more map on my screen. Ex: 7D2D i just get more screen on my er... screen! i dont have that issue you have, maybe its an actual monitor setting?
  15. Now ive just caught up, i see that there are the pipe variant of weapons. do the stun batons STILL only have T1 and T2? i never saw a T3 or atleast an explanation as to why? i figured the drone would be T3 but that no longer shoots zombies sooooo what do INT people have now...? is there some sort of gun being added? Always wondered why TFP didnt just add a stun gun lol
  16. server side mod or does the client have to have it too
  17. I got full MP4 movies to play just by switiching it, granted i switched them to the TV mod and not the radio. It DOES play, but yes if i get too far away it resets. the ratio is pretty good but i wish i could turn the audio up. I made a drive through Movie POI and it plays deadpool but the volume is so quiet Is there a way to do this? im also working on a "best buy" like store and am using the cctv tv etc etc mods to make it more emersive so would love volume controll
  18. swapped out mp4 named it the same wont play. limit to file size? lol i put the movies the avengers as the mp4..wonder if its too large?
  19. havent downloaded it yet, but how do you install this? straight into the mods fodler? or what
  20. NO the porblem IS the flying dudes (the banshee and archon). Even on regular nights i get a NRE with the banshee. it is any flying entitiy. the game is trying to find an area for it to occupy and it cannot half the time so it gives a NRE. Any chance you can uplaod a "no flyers" version of the mod?
  21. anyway to make this to jsut havea screen play mp4? even if it had no sound? (know that was an issue earlier)
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