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  1. Question: not sure if answered, but are Pipe weapons considered Tier 0 weapons?
  2. i got a 2080 and 3440x1440. MAX settings is around 40-50FPS average and 20 during spikes. Unity just doesn't like Ryzen processors. tested it by just going to another pc with the same card etc but with an i7 equivalent processor, got 20+fps average. its insane
  3. i have a similar monitor 34in alienware 21:9 ultra wide 3440x1440p or whatever. I dont know what you are talking about, but whenever i play any game thats not ultra wide i just get more screen. ex: League of Legends. I just get more map on my screen. Ex: 7D2D i just get more screen on my er... screen! i dont have that issue you have, maybe its an actual monitor setting?
  4. Now ive just caught up, i see that there are the pipe variant of weapons. do the stun batons STILL only have T1 and T2? i never saw a T3 or atleast an explanation as to why? i figured the drone would be T3 but that no longer shoots zombies sooooo what do INT people have now...? is there some sort of gun being added? Always wondered why TFP didnt just add a stun gun lol
  5. oh 100%, just wish we had some thing better than "welp im somewhat stuck wherever i set up my base/turrets". i thinkim most sad that you cant use burning shadt on the stun baton anymore even though its a "shafted" weapon
  6. welp there goes INT yet again, there needs to be a gun of some sorts in thins tree, make a stun gun or something idk, shock rounds only int can make? man int is lacking i feel
  7. server side mod or does the client have to have it too
  8. Probably asked already ( dont really watch forums anymore ) anyway to cheat in the junk drone or something? int is so boring still....
  9. Here's a good question that probably is answered: why the hell can't we daisy chain battery banks. In a a19 b173 game, the battery banks can WIRE UP like a daisy chain, but one battery bank is maxed it wont pull power from the next one in line.. it seems like its there since we can wire it so, or am i doing something wrong? same for solar, it should all be daisy chain able, at least for the battery bank and solar panel. Solar panel @ 180 maxed out then it should pull from aux power if needed.. seems simple enough yes? when you have 30 turrets its messy making multiple things when it can be consolidated so easily
  10. I got full MP4 movies to play just by switiching it, granted i switched them to the TV mod and not the radio. It DOES play, but yes if i get too far away it resets. the ratio is pretty good but i wish i could turn the audio up. I made a drive through Movie POI and it plays deadpool but the volume is so quiet Is there a way to do this? im also working on a "best buy" like store and am using the cctv tv etc etc mods to make it more emersive so would love volume controll
  11. swapped out mp4 named it the same wont play. limit to file size? lol i put the movies the avengers as the mp4..wonder if its too large?
  12. Quesitons: game is a19 first release ik they did b157, game keeps saying "loadign up older version b154" any way to manually update or do i need to srtart a new game? Also are some of b157 patch notes for devs? saw a note for the drone.
  13. Just noticed this in the b157 update today. • Player's own turrets will shoot player's own robotic drone is the drone in? or is that note for there own benefit lol
  14. does 69er work on all tools? or just shovel axe pic?
  15. with how bad the loot is for trader quests, he had a t2 sniper for 600 tokens lvl 1, and i did quests and rounded up (idk how) over 450 rounds so horde night i ran arounf with that...something tells me they will fix that? Other issues/beneifts..? • Finding 300+ BRASS in trash?? wtf lol • SO...MUCH...GUNPOWDER (intended?) • Parts are a lot harder to come by • Traders being specialized is so nice. makes me actually travel • If you havent, there are lots of mods already for a19 (check em out) • exp gain seems slower • Tools use? TFP explain this, why does a wrench in which you PHYSICALLY move, cost MORE stamina...then a Impact Driver you PRESS a BUTTON... Ex - lvl 2 wrench = 45 harvest dmg and 20 stamina vs lvl 1 impact 66 harvest dmg and 26 stamina. Yes it harvests more, but i believe and think many will agree, make the recipe for a impact have a battery in it and make it used like the auger? • Repair kits are getting too generic. We need it more diverse to something even liek a weapons kit, armor kit, tool kit etc...idk why i need a repair kit to repair my cloth armor FYI LOL cant i just slap some cloth on it? didn't think i need some screwdrivers and wrenches for that... • Zombie head trackign is so....fake like! They jsut watch me so perfectly like puppets and it needs to be more natural • the new blood splatter is from a cartoon game or something it needs to be toned down from bright licqorice to something natural....who colored it? weird... All in all, great update but DANG some moronic/weird stuff is happening in A19 now that makes 0 sense
  16. If its anyhting liek nvidia, itll be a replaster 2000 series with "upgrades" lol companies these days
  17. any way for us to edit the juke box songs? simple OGG or what? need my take me home country road juke box!
  18. GPU ram. if they clam 6gb and lower use half i bet TI's anr etitans are the only one that cando max graphics @ 60+ fps Im at id say "high " with a 3700x 2080 and 32gb ddr4 3200mhz on a 3440x1440p screen running 60-80 normally and 30-40 on horde nights for anyone who needs references on what you need for nice frames. (1080P is 60+ always)
  19. 8gb is somewhat the standard now a days
  20. i dont know why they WOULDNT let the junk sledge have it. Why can i put a burning shaft mod on it if the placed down turret wont use it? yea ppl are reporting that it doesnt get the damage increase etc. Easy way you/i/anyone can test it spawn a turret in, DM yourself and watch it hit once with no mods and once with a mod that adds X damage. if no change, they dont do anyhting. Kind of sad... was honestly hoping for a rare mod/ammo for shock rounds or a flamthrow mod. if i had a flamethrower mod i wouldnt care if the t3 drone is ever released LOL
  21. i dont liek the bug so far where the junk turrets/sledge (from what ive seen) dont get mod perks when they are on the ground ONLY when you are holding them. Is taht intended? also WHY cant i put burning shaft on my stun baton. legit only thing that made is fun to use it IS a long shaft
  22. why do people skip this? it gives you 4 free skill points....
  23. i generated 4 8k maps. all the same. all pois are there. just forest in the middle then its hunger game districts around that of biomes. 1 of each biome only. RWG needs work
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