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  1. I think the Resource Increaser mod has a minor problem. I deleted line <Version value="1.0.0" /> then it worked properly.
  2. FYI: COMMENTS: We no longer direct users to the forum topic via comments. It is enough to add forum or support links to the mod pages. Those who have problems already use forum or support links.(usually) Users do not want to constantly see "go to forum" comments. Also, an info box has been added to the comment form.
  3. Hello. Download link does not currently work.
  4. Hello. Thank you for these nice mods. But download link of Husky Friend Pet does not work.
  5. FYI: The contact forms on the Submit Mod and Contact pages do not work. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Edit: Fixed. Contact forms working again.
  6. Are you serious? We do not hosting any files. We add the download links of direct mod authors. So it's impossible for us to change filenames! Because we don't upload any files. We add the download links of mod authors. What is your reason for thinking about this?
  7. You're welcome. Your mod has been published.
  8. Hello. We don't add Nexus mods. In order to publish your mods on our site you must upload them to sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharemods, Gitlab, Modsbase, Mediafire, Github etc.
  9. Hello. We will add your mods today. We are trying to add every mod in the forum. But sometimes we may notice some mod thread too late. "Submit Mod" page accelerate the publishing process. We will add your mods in a few hours.
  10. Mod Upload page removed. "Submit Mod" page added. https://7daystodiemods.com/submit-mod/
  11. Added (https://7daystodiemods.com/alpha-18-mods/creature-pack-a-community-entity-project/).
  12. Yes, we have some minor broken grammar/syntax problems. Thanks for the suggestion. It will get better over time. Author tags added. Now people can access all mods of the author with a single click.
  13. upload files directly:It was just an idea. Already we want the mod creators to share their own links.
  14. It is not possible to add mod authors directly to the post summary. To do this you need to be a writer and share it on site. However, a new tag with the author's name can be added to the mods. We can make it in the future. Over time, if we upgrade our host and install a system that you can upload your files directly to our site, win-win system can be established. But we can't do that right now. The first and most exhausting stage now. It takes some time to make seo-compatible posts and prepare cover photos. The site is still very new. There are many more mods to add. Over time, all existing mods will be added. When this happens, updating the mod pages will become even faster. Thank you all again for the nice welcoming.
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