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  1. @Robeloto I got your quest music mod and was wanting to add music of my own but it appears you had to do some custom scripting in Unity to add brand new sound triggers to the game. Is that the case or is there a way that we can change the sound clips to sounds that we have bundled?
  2. Ya unfortunately I believe it is as well as other posts do list the name being nightfall_oneshot.wav I believe if you extract the assets themselves but I was hopeful it was also in the xml somewhere. My workaround that I'm trying to accomplish is figure out how the Trader timer works as far as sounds go. For example the Trader Speaker POI block in blocks.xml lists the sound effects that are made at the appropriate times but I can't figure out how to trigger these outside of them being part of a trader prefab. My hope was to duplicate one of these speakers but change the sound of the closing an
  3. I also tried to do something similar to this in the ways of cloning the Trader POI speaker hoping to get it to make an alarm sound at 21:50 aka Trader closed announcement but I couldn't figure out what powers these and makes them function as intended to achieve what I had hoped
  4. That's the music that plays when you're just at home at night time correct? I'm looking to change that little ambient chime that happens at 22:00 when it changes from day time to night time.
  5. I have successfully made it through all of the steps of making the sound I want in the game and getting it into the game just fine. What I made a sound for though is a different sound for when it changes from day to night and I can't locate where that is in any of the xml files. Do you happen to know where those would be?
  6. Thanks a lot for saving me the trouble of doing a side by side comparison of the overhaul and vanilla trying to find all of the changes
  7. What do I need to add to my files from this if all I want from this is where debuffs and infections don't get removed on death? I don't wanna overhaul my entire xml file just for a couple lines of code.
  8. Does anyone know what the default player walking and running values are in the xml files? Ever since b4 update came out myself and other players on my server have noticed that we seem to be moving significantly faster than what seems normal.
  9. As someone who has done some modding on my server and have tweaked some loot mechanics in the xml files I will say that a19 is a step in the right direction. I voted NO currently but I have seen for myself that this loot system has a lot of potential but it takes a ton of time and effort to get it there.
  10. I did try that and what it would do when I would use Action1 is it would do the correct sound effect and would then bring up the little up arrow you see when repairing items with a nailgun and it would just stay on the screen until swapping weapons. I'm working on other weapons atm but when I make more attempts at that one later tonight I will be sure to snag some screenshots and code to upload for reference.
  11. Haha in my version I removed the exp gain from healing for that very reason. I want this to only be used to heal allies not to be abused for exp lol.
  12. I have been messing around making my own legendary weapons as well through inspiration of your mod and one that I just haven't been able to figure out how to do is how to code a club to be normal melee in its normal attack but act as a first aid with the power attack. Is this possible?
  13. Thank you so much! You just confirmed for me that I was on the right track because I discovered the loot group templates about an hour ago and have been trying to get a legendary one to work lol. You're right that the hardened chest must have one overwriting mine so I'm gonna try that now.
  14. This topic seems very close to what I'm trying to figure out myself but with looted weapons instead of crafted ones. I created legendary weapons that only spawn in t5 hardened chests but cannot figure out how to make them always be quality 6 instead of random. Any thoughts?
  15. The few times I've used Moonshine it has depleted my hunger bar almost immediately once hit by any zombies it seems. I'm not sure why it would be doing this or if it's intended or not.
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