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  1. thanks for the info.. will go see what ray tracing support etc. is in 2020.3 (if any) - but hoping a Unity update will eventually mean ray tracing support for really impressive gfx and shadowing (and Unity 2021.2 beta has support for PS5 and XBOX X series - so TFP could end up producing console versions themselves).
  2. are there still plans to update the game to the newer version of Unity?
  3. cool.. thanks for the info. I was reading in the recent UNITY update there was mention of a Vulkan / DX12 issues which was fixed and thought that may have been the issue that the devs were waiting on so they could upgrade to the newest UNITY engine release.
  4. In the latest release notes it states: "While the team is tirelessly working to bring you a high quality A20, we were able to port back an entire system, a handful of bug fixes and optimizations to Alpha 19." Does that mean the game was upgrade to the newest version of UNITY? Thank you.
  5. so anyone who was having the issue, did alpha 19.5 fix it for you?
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