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  1. i thought the charges only did a specific amount of damage top the container. honestly never used them before. i just got my lockpick skill up and use like 2-3 picks on a lock.
  2. dude.. it's a GAME reality doesn't mean anything. just adapt and overcome, and yes I have both been killed and have killed all three mentioned critters on day 2 and 3 so far. RNG happens.
  3. Steam name: FIGHTINWELSH Hours played: 1349 Started on Alpha 7 Discord Name: Hadrian gunvald#7969E Native language: English
  4. or just make it so crop don't regrow. force a choice between growing Seed stock or food stock.
  5. Digging through 3 months worth of post is.. a bit of a slog so I'll just ask. has anything been done with the gelatin water? or are there plans for it?
  6. I've lived in AZ and Death valley can put on a show bright enough to read a book by at night with no trouble.. doesn't happen as often though.. but when it does..
  7. This I would agree with. in Bushcraft/Survival a spear is a versatile and primitive/Simple thing to build, useful in so very many situations. now i get that most of those won't be in the game but it's still one of, if not, THE first tool man made and was used up until... well.. it still *is*.. so ya I'm curious as well.
  8. that was from the amazing race TV show. she actually walked away without any real injury, although it could have gone far worse.
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