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  1. Despite the long absence of updates this tool works correctly with worlds of the current version of the game. There are small problems with the new prefabs - they are displayed with questions sign. This I plan to fix in the near future. What kind of export would you like to get? The result of the program is a generated JPEG file, which is saved in the folder with the world files. You can use it after the tool is closed.
  2. I'm just publish new version of our tool! Some kind of legend was added, take a look And especially for you added command line argument '-m' for inverse scaling
  3. New release is here! Changes: * Review result window * Changed many icons Let's check this out https://github.com/ognivo777/7D2D_RGW_Create_Map_Preview_Image_Tool/releases/latest
  4. Hi! Very pleased that you liked our small tool:) Thank you for this advice! I will add them to readme. Please show your output for this command: java -version
  5. Just take a look at the icons we are use on the map!
  6. Try the new release: https://github.com/ognivo777/7D2D_RGW_Create_Map_Preview_Image_Tool/releases/latest Huge perfomace optimization UI: Simple information screen Auto re-run for enforce more memory allocation to avoid in low-memory crushes
  7. Let's try to execute from command line like this (if you have at least 2gb free RAM): java -Xms1024m -Xmx2048m -jar 7dtd-rgw-map-image-builder.jar
  8. Guys, the new version is here! Updated the old and added a dozen new icons! And the radiation zone was also drawn:) Just have a look at: p.s. UI is comming soon
  9. New version released! Hi all! Chek out latest release of RGW Map builder! We are working hard to make our map more informative and beautiful. Added bunch of different buildings, more accurate landscape. Different types of roads. So latest release produce map like this:
  10. Hi All! RGW Map Preview Image Tool I'm with my fiends usually waste a lot of time to generate and choose best random seed for our server. So I wrote custom open source java app for generate map preview image like this: UPDATED: v.6 You can try it by yourself, just follow the instructions on project GitHub: https://github.com/ognivo777/7D2D_RGW_Create_Map_Preview_Image_Tool/blob/master/README.md
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