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  1. Could you use a different color for things you changed at last edit of the first message ? It's easier to see things added to A19 Thank you!
  2. I just finished the day 21's horde. https://i.gyazo.com/a1249bbfb038170a676eab8facc1697a.png (screenshot) That was very huge! I configured the server with 64 zombis/player on horde night (I'm alone on my server). 33FPS average during horde with high settings (UMA's textures on medium) on 2560*1440. The reste of the time it runs at 90~120FPS. i7 4790K @4.7GHz 16GO DDR3 2133MHz RTX 2080Ti 11GB Is it fine ?
  3. Hi ! I'm playing since A6 and I have now about 1500 hours on this awesome game. I really LOVE this A18. ...But there is 3 things that I HATE. First thing : Why the hell our own cooking preparations can make us sick ?! Why would I want to go hunting, fetch eggs, plant plantations, spend points on Master Chef and spend a lot of my precious time if it can make me sick, when I find a lot of cans while looting? Second thing : Not new on A18, it came with A17 or A16, I don't remember. When I am aiming with a firearm (= using iron sight, red dot or any scope), why the hell is my cros
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